Kaitlyn bristowe wants you to chill about body odour

Kaitlyn Bristowe Wants You to Chill About Body Odour

Or * fear * of body odor, that is. We spoke to the newly formed ‘Bachelorette’ host about why it is the right time to switch to natural deodorant.

Kaitlyn Bristowe knows it likes to be in situations that make anyone sweaty. Compete in the finale dancing with the Stars With some 60 million people watching (he won the Mirrorball Trophy, by the way) or dating a dozen men on national television, as you look for a potential life partner The bachelor. Alberta-born Bristowe, who is returning to Bachelor Nation as a co-host for upcoming seasons The bachelor Fellow alum, along with Tessia Adams, has been in some high-tension public scenarios. And yet, the host of popular Away from the vine The podcast decided to switch to natural deodorant a few years ago after crowd-sourcing suggestions about brands to try on Instagram. She says that she did not look back.

Her recent partnership with Schmidt, a brand darling for its aluminum-free, Eicort-certified natural formula and fragrance extracted from essential oils, not to mention the 24-hour funk-fighting power, says Bristowe, a Was a natural fit (no pun intended) as she was already a loyal user of the brand – she wore it even while competing DWTS.

here, Fashion Conversations with Bristow about sweat-soaked situations, fear of body odor and his trick of never forgetting to apply deodorant.

When did you switch to natural deodorant and how did you deal with the fear that you would be a bit stinky when adjusting it?

I made the switch about two years ago. It was the biggest process for me to do the best I could because I was going through it So Several. I had heard horror story after horror story about the deodorant ingredients they were adding to the regular deodorant. So I just wanted to put something cleaner and more natural on my body.

We all face fear of body odor, FOB, if you will, and a period of transition from mainstream to natural, but you have to trust the process. Schmidt made it very easy for me because it works and their products are super gentle on your skin, easily absorbed and really smooth. I have tried a lot, but Schmidt has worked for me. I really liked that they provided 24-hour security, which gave me a lot of confidence.

How much does the smell of deodorant mean to you?

I think fragrance is so important. My favorite Schmidt is a Lavender + Sage because it just feels like a serene spa relaxation [moment]. And the charcoal magnesium is really good because it is so refreshing and it smells incredible.

Kaitlyn bristowe wants you to chill about body odour
Schmidt’s photography courtesy

What do you do if you forget to add deodorant?

I get FOBO and I have to deal with FOBO for the whole day! [Laughs] I should start carrying one in my purse or an extra one in case of that situation. but [to avoid forgetting to apply deodorant], I put it out with my skincare, so I remember that it should be kept as part of my routine every morning.

You talk of trusting the process. Was anything done to counteract your fear of body odor, as you did with a natural infection?

I convinced myself of the benefits because it is not really a long process time. At the end of the day, what is that short time before switching to natural and feeling better about your decision?

The real thing: does natural deodorant actually live in a state of high stress such as dancing with the Stars Closing or rose ceremony The bachelorThe

I can stand behind it and say that it did because I experienced it. So I was very excited to partner with the brand because I had been using them for so long, so I could really stand behind the brand and say that it happened through me dancing with the Stars [laughs]. Sweat not only from the dance, but also from the nerves!

What is your approach to natural products in general?

I try to research and look at products because I always tell myself that if I switched to natural deodorant two years ago, I should really invest in testing other natural products. There are a lot of products out there, some claim to be natural and there isn’t, so it’s about doing research and going on that journey and trying things out for yourself.

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