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Jeep’s New Wagoneer Will Be First Car With Amazon Fire TV

Jeep’s upcoming Wagoner and Grand Wagoner SUV will offer Amazon’s Fire TV streaming platform as part of the package in 2022 when vehicles hit the road.

This means that occupants in upcoming luxury SUVs will be able to beat back Fire TV’s entertainment offerings through the sheaves of screens.

The Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will be the first vehicle for the auto industry to integrate Amazon Fire TV for autos, and comes exactly one year after the e-commerce giant announced a vehicle-based version of its system.

Fire TV for Auto will hook up with Uconnect 5 infotainment software to allow users to sync the system with their Amazon account. This means, for example, that you can stop a show in the car and leave as soon as you get out of the house.

Jeeps new wagoneer will be first car with amazon fire

Passengers will be able to watch Fire TV in HD from the rear seats and front passenger screen. A privacy filter will prevent drivers from viewing the content while motoring on the highway, although the main display will show the content when the vehicle is in the park.

Crucially, you will be able to download content for offline viewing so that you do not get stuck if you are not driving anywhere in the middle and find yourself without a network connection.

And, of course, Alexa will be riding in your vehicle, enabling full voice control of Amazon’s entertainment platform. The digital assistant can be enabled via Fire TV for auto-specific remotes that provide push-to-talk access. The entire system can also be controlled through the vehicle’s touchscreen.

Jeep brand CEO Christian Mounier said in a release on Thursday March 5, “The all-new 2022 model-year wagoner and Grand Wagoner have been designed and engineered to set a new standard for American premiums in the large SUV segment . ” As an industry-first technology for the Wagoner line-up, TV for Auto showcases one of the many ways to deliver leading technology and connectivity to our customers. “

Jeep is set to unveil the Wagner and Grand Wagoner on March 11. The automaker revealed a concept design of the vehicle in 2020, which should be close to the real thing.

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