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Is Trader Sam a Girl in the New ‘Jungle Cruise’ Movie?

Okay. So. We surmised a few weeks ago when the new Jungle Cruise movie poster dropped that new looks were going to be a thing. Guessing from a native appearance and traditional costume, the female on the right side of the poster looked like a key character from our favorite Adventureland ride. But now, with a social video post by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, we get even more hints that Trader Sam is a girl in the new film!

Let’s get some more details to prove the theory…

The rock jungle cruise
Credit: disney

Is Trader Sam a Girl?

We know that The Rock has been involved in the making of the new Disney adventure movie as well as the reimagining of the opening day Magic Kingdom attraction. He’s been dropping nuggets from the film as well as promoting his new favorite project, which will open in theaters and on Disney+ at the end of July 2021.

In the lead to the movie’s release, a retro-style poster dropped at the end of May, with plenty to ogle. Seeming villains cascade down the left side of the poster, while a lone girl looks on from the right. She is iconically dressed in native gear.

Jungle cruise movie poster
Credit: disney

The Rock, in his new video, tours us in his hotel room and shows off a matte framed poster set of Disney’s Jungle Cruise posters and then a short while later, gives us a tour of the characters presented. Three bad guys are named (Edgar Ramirez, Jesse Plemmons, and Paul Giamatti)  and lined up above Proxima, Frank’s pet jaguar. Is she evil, being on the villain’s side of the frame? I suppose we will see.

At the center, Johnson points out La Quila, his treasured Skipper boat. Then, he guides us to the native female on the right, telling us that, “the outstanding Veronica Falcon. I won’t tell you what character she’s playing, but for you Jungle Cruise aficionados, and you Disney Park aficionados, you may be able to guess who she is playing.”

OKAY. If we are being Jungle Cruise attraction aficionados, there are three staple characters on the Jungle Cruise. Skippers (nope… obviously) Drs. Albert & Alberta Falls (costumes don’t match, right?) and TRADER SAM.  TRA. DER. SAM.

Is trader sam a girl in the new jungle cruise

If the boot fits, y’all. And we’re so excited about this possibility. We checked, and Veronica Falcon’s role on IMBD is still unlabeled…. SQUEEEE! Our fingers are crossed that she gets a large part in the film!

The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, wrote to us from an Instagram IGTV post, about the posters and release date for Jungle Cruise. Watch his clip entirely, and you’ll get the personal movie poster tour!


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Based on the Jungle Cruise attraction, Disney’s Jungle Cruise movie will release on July 30, 2021. Will the unlikely duo be able to fight off supernatural forces in the lush rainforest? We’re ready for this rollicking thrill ride of an adventure movie. We’ll see you at the movie theaters!

Do you like the potential portrayal of Trader Sam as a girl? Leave us a comment below!!

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