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International Women’s Day Products That Give Back – FASHION

Inspired by Awe’s photography etiquette

Trust us – you will want to click “Add to Cart”.

International Women’s Day is almost here and there is a good reason to get yourself some new clothes and accessories with it. In honor of IWD, brands from Roots Canada and Arijitia to Canadian designers such as Hillary Macmillan are giving back International Women’s Day products that lead to support for women and girls. Get yourself (or your BFF!) A new vegan leather jacket, embossed with “GRL PWR” on the back, or a pendant necklace that helps you hold your favorite cause close to your heart – In fact. Treat yourself to a luxurious L’Occitane hand cream, or a comfortable sweatsuit suitable for home-working vibes.

Scroll through the book wishing you well for International Women’s Day. Trust us – you might want to click “Add to Cart” to all these buyers with good reasons behind them.


Put those extra Sephora Insider Points to good use! The cosmetics retailer has partnered with Project Glimmer, an organization that aims to inspire every girl to imagine a strong future. The partnership offers customers the opportunity to redeem their points for a charity reward – 500 points equals a $ 10 donation.

Roots Canada

Roots x international women's day collection
Photography courtesy of Roots

Roots Canada teamed up with author and mom-to-be Emma Knight for a collection that includes a t-shirt, tot bag and a wristwatch featuring strong phrases in English and French. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the girls e-mentorship (GEM), a program that helps girls overcome obstacles as they transition into adulthood.

Hillary macmillan

A hillary macmillan jacket that says "don't tell me to smile" on the back
Photography courtesy of Hillary Macmillan

Toronto-based size-inclusive designer Hillary McMillan is celebrating International Women’s Day, supporting women’s empowerment with a new Varsity Collection, selling 15 percent of Black Women in Motion and Up with Women. After first hitting the market in 2017, McMillan’s line of vegetarian leather variety jackets read “Feminist,” Don’t Tell Me to Smile “- worn by Famous Victoria Beckham – and “GRL PWR” on the back.

Banana Republic

A beautiful black bib style necklace from banana republic adorned with gems on the front
Photography courtesy of Banana Republic

For each of the brand’s notorious necklaces (pictured above), the brand will donate $ 20 to the International Center for Research on Women. The organization works to identify issues of gender inequality with the goal of building sustainable business practices and finding new opportunities for youth.


A red tube of l'occitane's solidarity hand cream
Photography via L’Occitane

Love tender lips and hands? You will love them even more than L’Occitane’s Sheeba Hibiscus Solidarity Balm and Solidarity Hand Cream. Either 100 percent of the proceeds from the purchase of the product goes to the initiative of women leadership in Burkina Faso.

How to confirm

An orange phone case that reads "allow equality to grow"
Photography courtesy of Cassitis

A new phone case in the market? Consider this your signature. Cassitize teamed up with Parity for the re-launch of their Impact Matters collection. The brand will donate $ 5 of every purchase to Equality Now, an organization that fights for equal rights for men and women under the law.

Th fashion

A woman wearing a black jacket of hope made by th fashion
TH Fashion Photography Etiquette

Toronto-based brand TH Fashion is set to release its Jacket of Hope, which features a detachable mask and emergency gloves built into the sleeves in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. A portion of the proceeds will be donated directly to various charitable initiatives, and sold with the option of adding a $ 50 donation to the New Start Foundation.

From rachel

An aerial shot of rachel's montreal brand colored pouch
Rachel’s photography courtesy

On March 8, and each Monday of the month, 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of her storage pouch from Rachel will be donated to Chez Doris, a women’s shelter open only seven days a week in Montreal. Chez Doris provides women with food, showers, hygienic products, clothing and more.


Picture of a woman wearing a lilac colored sweatsuit from arijitiya
Photography courtesy of Arijitiya

The popular Canadian brand is launching a limited edition Lungwise’s collection of “Women to the Power of Women”. All proceeds from the collection will be donated to organizations supporting women and girls.

Astrid and Miu

A woman wearing embroidery pendant necklace in gold
Photography courtesy of Astrid and Miu

On International Women’s Day, 10 percent of Astrid and Miyu’s sales will be donated to the Prince’s Trust Change a Girls’ Life campaign.

old Navy

Colorful t-shirt has three women's heads who read "international women's day"
Photography courtesy of Old Navy

Old Navy teamed up with New York artist Jade Purple Brown to add a colorful T-shirt to the brand’s project WE International Women’s Day Ways. A portion of each purchase will go towards a million-dollar donation to the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Inspired by astonishment

International women's day products: three gold pendants inspired by owe
Inspired by Awe’s photography etiquette

Led by Jill and Max Johnson, a mother and son team, Away Inspired creates meaningful pieces that celebrate women who have overcome adversity. The brand donates 20 percent of all proceeds, including cancer care, RAINN and EMILY’s list, to a non-profit organization of the customer’s choice.


Tote a bag with a colorful depiction of a group of women on the front
Photography courtesy of Lively

Artist Rafaella Mascaro, the charity I Support the Girls and Intimates brand Lively has partnered to “uniquely” carry you, launched on 8 March. All proceeds from the sale go to the charity, which provides essential items for women experiencing homelessness. Poverty.


A white woman wearing a black satin maxi skirt and black t-shirt "do something outside yourself"
Photography courtesy of Sophigress

Founded by Calgary-based creative director and entrepreneur Emma May, SophieGrace is an apparel brand that aims to make it easier for women to look professional and stylish. In honor of International Women’s Day, the brand has launched a Ruth Beder Zinsburg T-shirt that reads “Do Something Outside Yourself.” With every purchase, SophieGrace will donate 20 percent of its proceeds to Momentum, an organization that works to raise people experiencing low incomes and poverty through resources such as micro-loans and community economic development education.


1614968970 635 international womens day products that give back fashion
Photography via Vitruvi

Adorn your location for spring with one of Vitruvi’s oil diffusers. With each purchase made on March 8, the homeware brand will donate 30 percent of the proceeds to The Body: A Home for Love, a charity-based wellness place for survivors of sexual trauma.


A pair of earrings earrings that say "against"
Photography courtesy of Ariation

First launched in 2016, Arness’s Resistance collection allows jewelery lovers to shop and donate to the cause of their choice: ACLU, Color of Change or Planned Parenthood.

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