Inside pop smoke and juice wrld’s legacy on hip hop after death

Inside Pop Smoke and Juice WRLD’s Legacy on Hip Hop After Death

Other songs on the album include “What You Know About Love”, which peaked at number one. Became No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and a popular sound on TickTalk.

Out of the popularity of Pop Smoke’s music on Tiktok, the music executive Steven victor, Who collaborated with the artist on the posthumously released album, reported Variety, “Tiktok was not something he was overly familiar with or used to much, it took his life. Some songs fans and people like it and decide to make it Tiktok, but he never intentionally made it for Tiktok Did not make music. He was not even part of the conversation. “

Victor also explained why he was so impressed with the young rapper.

“His determination, his passion, his ability to hear, internalize and digest things. His ability to make decisions — it’s very important,” he explained. “Having an objective view on things, being able to listen. He was 18 or 19 when I met him. Most 18 or 19-year-olds think they know more than they know, but he’s like a sponge. Was – super-wise beyond his years and a very caring and thoughtful person. “

He went on to say, “He always wanted to be a global artist and was able to make different colored music of all the different things that influenced him. He was really into R&B, Afrobeat, Drill Sound, New York loved hip hop. Putting those things together and packing it up, I would think about the time that was with us. Making sure that I kept something that they would be proud of. “

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