1617196164 iircade review a top notch home arcade with a caveat

iiRcade Review: A Top-Notch Home Arcade With a Caveat


“IiRcade is a high-quality home arcade with a promising future, but it needs a few more games to get the price tag right.”

  • Versatile setup

  • High quality construction

  • Great control

  • Simple digital shop

  • expensive

  • Game library needs more

You might have never heard of iiRcade, but the home arcade company has come up with a really interesting concept. Instead of offering indifferent-focused reproductions of classic cabinets, it takes a more modern approach. The machine integrates with a digital storefront where players can purchase games a la carte and instantly download them to their machine. It is an arcade machine with the App Store.

It is a smart business model and fans of home arcade machines agreed. The company launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that brought in over $ 600,000. Now that it has been on the market for a few months, we have a clear picture of how the service works and whether it lives up to its potential.

We found that iiRcade offers a premium home arcade experience with superb build quality. Its high price point and currently limited selection of games can leave gamers quite skeptical, but it is a strong foundation that establishes a promising future.

High price, high quality

Let’s first figure out the biggest route: iiRcade is not cheap. A tabletop version of the machine costs $ 600 and attaching a proper cabinet stand will cost the buyer $ 150 more. Probably when it comes to shutting down the sound when compared to one of the machines of Arcade 1 UP, which costs half.


While this is certainly a hindrance, it should be noted that you get exactly what you offer here. Construction quality is at the top. Some cheap home cabinets may feel like novelty toys, but iiRcade is designed for the long haul, which is important considering its unique business model.

Both stand and tabletop components are easy to assemble. After putting the pieces of strong wood together for about three hours, I was up and running without any extra tampering. It is also a rather thin cabinet, all things considered. It has a sleek design that makes it less heavy than retro cabinets that try to replicate the original machines altogether.

IiRcade is designed for the long haul, which is important considering its unique business model.

For those who do not have space for a 61-inch setup, the stand-alone tabletop version is a perfectly good option. What’s cool is that the stand and tabletop can be easily added or disassembled. You are not stuck with one or the other, so there is some flexibility in how you play. Tabletop mode is still big enough that you can’t take it to someone’s house to show it, but it makes it easier to find space for it in your home.

A well built machine

The components themselves are where this machine actually makes its case. On the visual side, the entire machine is powered by a 1.8GHz hexa-core CPU. This is enough juice to allow it to run modern indie games with relative ease. There are some noticeable frame dips when it comes to top-tier games. Dead cells, But the fact that the machine can run it is impressive.

If the idea is to build the only arcade cabinet you’ll ever need, iiRcade puts its money where its mouth comes for tech.

It has a 19-inch 1280 x 1024 screen that seems like the right size for the job. While split-screen multiplayer games may feel a bit squeezed on it, it is particularly suited to two-player games double Dragon Of Windjamers, Where players share a scene. It provides a clear, sharp image without any retro fuss.

On the audio front, the cabinet sports a pair of 100-watt stereo speakers that get surprisingly loud. Even turning them to half the volume felt like overkill.


Of course, the main question regarding any cabinet is the control pad. This is why the superior quality of the iiRcade actually starts to appear. Eight-way joystick fluidized pivots to allow precise actions. Apart from the standard buttons like Pose and Player Select, there are Erasics primary buttons, and all of them press with a satisfying click. There is a complete set of controls for two players, plus it is particularly suited for 2D fighting games.

There are very few details beyond those big points. It is Bluetooth-enabled, has Wi-Fi support, and has a headphone jack and more. If the idea is to build the only arcade cabinet you’ll ever need, iiRcade puts its money where its mouth comes for tech.

An expansion game library

High quality is good, but games make or break an arcade cabinet. The machine here is currently something of a mixed bag. The business model promises that over time more games will be added to the system, so players will have to take iiRcade at their word and expect that it will garner some meaningful titles.

The iiRcade is still very growing and requires little patience.

The future looks promising, but it is difficult to get the full picture yet. The system comes with 11 games already installed, although none of them are particularly exciting. I spent the most time together Frantic class, A simple Match 3 puzzler, but the rest of the freebies are somewhat tame. Those who want to get the most out of the machine will need to buy some additional titles from the shop.

Hit indie rozgluit Dead cells At this time there is a clear cream of the crop. It is almost surreal to play a modern retro game of that quality on an arcade machine. The shop also has some other highlights, such as Odmer And Riptide GP: Impostor, Although they are definitely more in the hidden gem camp.

Pricing for individual sports can also be a bit daunting. While the prices for more modern games seem reasonable, older games feel a touch expensive. Is anyone really going to pay $ 10 Hops ’96The

The truth is that iiRcade is still growing a lot and requires little patience. This type of service is an area unknown to a home arcade system, and one gets the sense that the company is still tracing it. There is good reason to feel optimistic though. Dead cells There is a tremendous addition that shows that iiRade is targeting the right games. If it can push that pace and pull in modern retro games from publishers like Devolver Digital, then this machine can really fill a niche.

We don’t really know for sure how investable the machine will ultimately be. But for those who are just itching for a cabinet that is not constrained to certain games, iiRcade already offers more options than anything else, to hack a machine with a Raspberry Pi Lack. There is not much competition for this business model right now, so iiRcade gets to rule unopposed for now.

Take us

IiRcade is a simple home arcade system that seems futuristic next to other machines. It is high build quality that elevates it well to the point of novelty and makes it feel like a strong investment for hardcore enthusiasts. Its own library of games is still growing, so it is difficult to say if it is entirely worth the high price yet. Even with that big caveat, there is nothing on the market that likes it, so you really get what you offer here.

Is there a better option?

If a specific game you want to play, Arcade 1 UP offers cheaper cabinets with a more focused selection of games. But the selection of iiRcade is much broader than that of your average machine, however.

How long will this last?

Theoretically some time. It is a robust machine with excellent control. With long term plans to add more games, this is a machine that can run for years to come.

Should you buy it

Yes, but with some caveats. It is an expensive machine that is just starting its game selection. This is a no-brainer for enthusiasts, but more casual players want to keep an eye on what sports can join in the next few months before they are fully committed.

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