How to switch from samsung cloud to onedrive

How to Switch from Samsung Cloud to OneDrive

How to Switch from Samsung Cloud to OneDrive

Storing all your photos, videos and files on your device is not practical these days, especially if you have a smartphone that does not have a microSD card slot – not to mention if you lose your phone, your data Goes on forever. Until now, many of us have relied on Samsung Cloud with Samsung Phones, a cloud storage service available on most Samsung smartphones and tablets that automatically backup, sync, and restore your photos, data, and settings Does.

Samsung recently announced that it is retiring some of the features of the Samsung Cloud that we use most often, including drive storage and gallery sync. From April 1, you will be unable to sync your files and images with the cloud, and any existing files you archive will be deleted. There are some features remaining, such as syncing notes, calendar, and contacts. If you’re using Samsung Cloud to back up all your data, you’ll need to find an alternative – and Samsung recommends OneDrive. We’ll show you how to switch to OneDrive, and what to do if you’re not ready to switch now.

How to switch from samsung cloud to onedrive
How to switch from samsung cloud to onedrive

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When will Samsung cloud stop working?

For customers in the US and UK, Samsung Cloud will cease to operate from 1 April. If you live elsewhere, you may fall into Group 2, which means that this service will not stop working for you until 1 June. You can check which group your country fell here

If you want to take advantage of migration to OneDrive, you have until 31 March to do so. If you plan to download your data – either to store on an external hard drive or to go to another cloud storage provider – you have a little more time, as your files will be up until June 30 on Samsung Cloud Will not be removed from. It is important to know whether you want to download your data or go to OneDrive, your data will be automatically deleted from Samsung Cloud on 30th June. If you have a premium membership, your plan will terminate automatically, and you should receive a refund for your final payment.

How to migrate to OneDrive

Whether you own Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or Galaxy S8, you may have already seen a notification asking if you want to migrate to OneDrive. Samsung began a migration rollout in October, allowing you to automatically transfer all your Samsung cloud data to OneDrive and delete it from Samsung Cloud. Here’s how to migrate your data:

  • Open samsung cloud and select Three dots Menu at the top right.
  • Tap Download my data.
  • Tap next.
  • Choose Go to OneDrive, Then tap Confirm.

All your pictures, videos and files will be automatically transferred to OneDrive. Depending on how much data you have stored in the Samsung Cloud, it may take some time. OneDrive gives you the same storage in Samsung Cloud, which is free for a year, and your gallery will keep syncing automatically.

Download your data

What if you don’t want to go to OneDrive? You may want to look at other cloud storage providers like iDrive or Dropbox or download your data to store on an external hard drive. This is easy to do:

  • Open samsung cloud and tap Three dots Menu at the top right.
  • Choose Download my data From the drop-down menu.
  • Tap next.
  • Choose Download my data, Then tap Confirm.
  • You will be asked if you are sure, tap Last service.

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