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How to Support Toronto Restaurants with a Virtual Run

Photography courtesy of Sid Nigam

If you like good food, good reasons, and a good run, then you want to join Neigum and Michael Ng for ASRC’s Virtual Marathon.

Just about every industry has felt the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic and, in Canada, is one of the hardest-hit food. On December 16, Restaurant Canada reported that since March 2020, 10,000 restaurants closed in Canada, while around 50 percent expect things to close permanently if things don’t change. So, how to support Toronto restaurants while things remain locked?

The fashion industry, too, has taken a toll, with many retailers facing bankruptcy, like Edition Ale, or Frank and Oak. For Toronto-based designer Sid Nigam, who canceled his resort collection before the fall, “it’s thick.” But, he says, “I’ve pivoted all the restaurants I’ve built, starting an online shop and selling to direct-to-consumer.” Now, this month, our revenue is higher for direct-to-consumer (D2C) than for business-to-business (B2B), which is earlier. its [about] Rethinking how you have to work and how to adapt. “

How to support toronto restaurants with a virtual run
Founder of Anti Social Running Club Michael Ng | Photography courtesy of Michael Ng

Nigam took that sensibility to his second love – food – when the founder of the Anti Social Running Club (ASRC), Michael Ng, asked if he wanted to co-host the first Dine & Dash virtual race in Toronto in support of the local. Restaurant. The ASRC was set up during lockdown, and connects runners to each other on an app, which allows everyone to test each other, creating a socially distorted network, which Time encourages exercise when most of us spend most of our day indoors and indoors.

Ng circled a Dine & Dash virtual race for the first time in Edmonton in February, which Nigam competed with and loved in Toronto, so he saw an opportunity for the two to work together and bring change.

“I wanted to reach out to Sid and see if he would be interested in doing the Toronto version after the success he got in Edmonton,” Ng says. “Our biggest focus is to support local business, especially in the restaurant industry. It has been hit very hard during COVID, especially in Ontario with no dine-in yet. I really wanted to see if there was an opportunity for Toronto to help in what we did and the way we know it. “

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Photography courtesy of Dine & Dash Virtual Race

The race will take place from 19 to 25 April. Registered runners can choose their distance – 10 km, half marathon or full marathon – and run at any time or at any time, using any type of tracking device or app. Later, they can claim a meal at the participating restaurant of their choice from 23 to 25 April. In other words, run your ass and then reward it with some of the city’s best food.

While there will be no winner in this race, the dog-eat-dog type has the option to freeze his time. Throughout the week, Ng and Neigum will update a leaderboard in hopes of satisfying their competitive streaks.

How to support toronto restaurants with a virtual run
Photography courtesy of Dine & Dash Virtual Race

Registration is $ 55 for individuals, $ 110 for the couple, and includes a meal, a T-shirt (naturally, designed by Nigam) and races. Out-of-town people can also walk, though the meal will be donated to a local food bank.

There are a diverse flock attending restaurants that can satisfy any hunger, and include 416 Snack Bar, Donna, Le Fenix, Hello 123, Imnisi, Tutti Matty and Alma, one of which is to be confirmed. remains.

“It’s a really tasty meal that would be great to eat after a marathon,” concludes Nigam, while Ng adds with a laugh, “Food is why I run. Guilt after running for a few hours. -Free food? Sign me up. “

Sign us up too.

Registration starts on March 29 and closes on April 18. Click here for more information.

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