How to Send iMessages with Effects

We all know that texting can be a bit impersonal. Sometimes emphasizing what you mean in plain text is just too hard. Sure, the Messages app now offers a huge library of options ranging from inserting GIFs to creating personal avatars. But what if you want something explosive and eye catching like fireworks? This is where Apple’s hidden effects emerge.

This guide shows you how to send iMessages with effects for iOS and iPadOS (sorry Mac). However, the effects only work with iMessages, meaning that recipients with Android phones will not see cool animations. Not sure if the recipient has Android? Remember that iMessages has blue bubbles and SMS text messages have green bubbles.

Use bubble effect

Sometimes you may want to run the comment home without using emojis or full-screen animations. That is where bubble effects occur. They only apply to your text bubble and include beautiful, Emphasis, gentleman, And invisible ink.

Phase 1: With a new or current message, tap your message in the text field. Until you see the option to use the effect.

stage 2: tap and hold message Button in the text field. It looks like an arrow as shown above.

step 3: Send with effect Opens on screen Bubble Category by default. Tap on Department of Telecommunications Next to the effect you want to apply.

step 4: Switches to dot message The button (up arrow) is. Tap on that button to send the text with the effect applied.

Use screen effect

These effects are incredibly fun and provide a series of cool animations that are strewn across the screen. Trying to share some exciting news? Share with Fireworks See effects and a fireworks show shoot on screen worthy of a new year. Really trying to drive home a point? Share with Echo And your message will be repeated almost 100 times across the screen.

These full-screen effects consist of Echo, Headlines, Balloons, Confetti, The love, Laser, Fireworks, And festival.

Phase 1: With a new or current message, tap your message in the text field. Until you see the option to use the effect.

stage 2: tap and hold message Button in the text field. It resembles an up arrow.

step 3: In the following Send with effect Screen, you will see two categories: Bubble Which opens by default, and The screen. Tap on The screen category.

step 4: Swipe a finger to the left or right to preview and set the full-screen effect.

Step 5: Tap on message Button (up arrow) to send your message with a full-screen effect.

Send a handwritten note

While this is not technically an effect, we think it is a neat and often overlooked feature within messages.

Apple message handwriting tool

Phase 1: Swipe up and down to open Control center And make sure Portrait orientation lock Is taped Close (IPhones only).

stage 2: Open the message.

step 3: Turn the phone into landscape mode (iPhones only).

step 4: Tap within the text entry field to load the virtual keyboard.

Step 5: Tap on Hand button Located on the bottom right The return.

Note: This button appears in both tilt on an iPad.

Draw apple message smiley

Step 6: Use your finger to draw or write. If you need more space, tap right arrow Right side of the screen. Use two fingers to swipe back to the first screen.

pay attention: You can also tap on a selection of pre-existing messages, such as Hello And Thank you, Under the drawing board.

Step 7: Tap done To accomplish.

Step 8: Tap on message Button for sending your handwritten message.

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