How to link Passport Number in Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate

How to link Passport Number into Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Online at Portal?

Here are the reasons to add Passport details to the Cowin Vaccination Certificate process. If you are planning to travel internationally or abroad, the first thing that you need to do is to get vaccinated.

The second thing you need to do is update your passport details and edit your Covid-19 vaccination certificate online. What is the reason you should add your passport number to your Vaccination certificate?

We have provided a detailed explanation. Below is the explanation. CoWin Portal allows its users to update and link Passport details online to their Covid Vaccine certificate. Arogya Setu’s Twitter account announced that CoWin now allows users to add passport numbers on their certificates.

This is useful for travellers who are going to the USA, UAE or UK. This page contains information about linking your passport and the vaccination certificate for anyone who is planning to travel abroad.

Why is it necessary to add Passport details to my Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate?

This is vital as you will need to be scanned at airports before you travel abroad. Along with your passport, your certificate will include the batch number for your Covid 19 vaccine as well as other details. At the airport, this CoWin Vaccination Certificate will be scanned.

Your Covishield, Covaxin or Sputnik V Vaccination Certificate QR code will be scanned. It will then be examined to verify that it is genuine. This is why we must add a passport number on the Covid-19 vaccination certificate

It’s new –Ministry of Health offered the facility to download the covid certificate via WhatsApp. This is for people who don’t wish to download it from the covid portal. Greece allows the most vaccines to be used for travel. India has repeatedly raised the issue of reciprocal recognition of vaccine certificates and removal of travel restrictions within European countries.

Some Arab Emirate Countries also object to Indian Vaccines. It is mandatory to have your passport and vaccination certificate with you before you fly out of India. This means that you must get your vaccines as soon as possible. You will be able to travel abroad without any problems if you do this.

Method to add Passport Number to CoWin Vaccination Certificate

You will need to link your passport with the Covid-19 vaccination certificate online if you are planning to travel abroad. If you plan to travel internationally, we will show you how to add your passport number and CoWin Vaccine Certificate via the official website. These steps are important:

  • You must first into the portal using Your Id and Password Or OTP.
    • Next, go directly to your dashboard and click on Raise an Issue.
    • Choose from the passport option “Add Passport Details”.
    • You can also select the option from the drop-down menu Person of the family.
    • Complete the form and click on submit. To avoid any hassles with subsequent corrections, ensure that you enter the correct passport number.
    • Just after this, you will receive the updated Covid-19 vaccination certificate and Passport number. These steps have been officially announced via the Aargya Setu App Twitter handle. It has been modified. These steps can be followed without any confusion.

Register at Cowin portal
Sputnik V Registration In India

How do I link my Passport to my Covid Vaccine Certificate online?

You will need to link your Passport online to your Cowin Vaccine Certificate if you plan to travel within the country. Find out how to link your passport with your Covid Vaccination Certificate.

      • You must visit the CoWin portal if you have been immunized.
      • Log in to your account. You will find the option to raise an issue in your Account Details.
      • You will have three options when you raise an issue: Passport update/link/add, Merge certificate for doses 1 and 2 and certificate correction details.
      • You can also tap on Add Passport Details.
      • The page will redirect you to the one where you need to choose the name of the person to whom the passport details must be added to your certificate.
      • You will find a section called the “Beneficiary section” in the section. There will be a section called the “Beneficiary passport section”. Be sure to pay attention to what you add.
      • Finally, check the box that states that you have verified the information and that you have reviewed it.
      • Click on Send request.
      • An SMS will be sent to you describing the procedure.
      • Return to the page with account details.
      • You can choose the same name as the person and the link certificate will appear in front.
      • Click the link. You will be able to download the updated linked certificate and print it now.

Cowin Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Passport Link

Click Here


Covid 19 Kerala Vaccine Online Registration Vaccine Certificate Verification

We hope you find the above information useful.

FAQ for Passport Number at Cowin Covid19, Vaccine Certificate Link Online

What should I do if my passport and vaccination certificate have names that are different?

You can correct your certificate through the Cowin portal. You can change the name and link it.

What happens if I need to make changes to my passport information once I have registered with CoWin?

Only one chance will be offered to you. It is important to use it well.

Is it possible to add the passport number to the certificate just a few hours before we fly abroad?

Yes, you can.

Is it compulsory to include a Passport Number on the vaccination certificate?

Yes, if you are travelling to another country.

After linking my Passport Number and my vaccination certificate, can I travel to any country?

Yes. However, you must read the guidelines for your country before making this decision.

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