How to find the right moisturizer

How to Find the Right Moisturizer for Your Skin

How to Find the Right Moisturizer for Your Skin

It’s no secret that finding the right moisturizer for your skin can be a tough decision. There are literally thousands of products on the market both high in quality and low in price. What does your skin care professional recommend to you? Is it the one that will guarantee me a glorious glowing complexion? Or will it shoe polish our chances in another? Let me be the first to enlighten you with the most comprehensive skin care regimen for your face available:

Hide & Seek

What we do in the shadows may well reflect what is really going on in the rest of our bodies and Hence, when we purchase something that is not natural, we are sometimes not being given the real information about what to look for in order to safeguard ourselves against an array of health difficulties.

How to find the right moisturizer
How to find the right moisturizer


You really need to start at the source and look closely at the list of ingredients. Is this a shampoo that contains sulfate or is it something more natural like coconut oil? Is it in paraben fashion? Is it hypoallergenic or will it bond with the oil on our skin and make it dirtier?

If you are buying blindly, by that I mean you have a totally cookie-cutter approach to follow. Don’t be fooled by thinners who claim to make all-natural beauty products. Ask your personal beauty consultant to get as many details about the product as you can. The industry needs real people to talk to customers. Having trustworthy consultants and sources to talk to will help you make an informed decision.


First, find out which products are true to its label. All products, natural or not, are advertised based on a set of claims. Products are evaluated on their ability to perform in the laboratory testing procedures. This evaluation of their inherent quality measures the ventilated Agostanyan index. The gauge is created on the basis of six criteria. Two additional systematically selected criteria measure listener appeal and credit procedure. Each satisfaction of a tested item is converted into a rating: The overall satisfaction is the product’s score, the improvement in image from poor to good; the disease benefit to health care, and the acoustic impression given by the product.

Where Can I Get The Testing?

Unless you are foot soldiers in the war on synthetics, you will probably have to go to a commercial laboratory to have your hair analyzed. Hair structure and molecular composition is too complicated for the laboratory to render an accurate rendering, so you will strictly depend on experience and histry to find the right solution for you.

The hair is broken down into three chemical classes:


o water soluble;

o acidic

o saline


o pH factor

o specific gravity

o depth of solution

o coarse texture

o brittle and Digestible

o liquefactive

So, there are four classes of hair:

Aqueous (without water) without moisture

3 categories of Acidic (Water soluble) without water

4 categories of Saline (Not Water soluble)

How are We Dry?

Depending on the water situation, the hair will be damaged in one of these 4 ways:

o water;

o icyclic (limited amount of acid in solution)

o gram positive ( Becoming acidic on addition of water)

o gram negative (omeruses starts to dissolve one level below the solution and will remain until concentration changes)

So, we have already eliminated the factor of water. What does this leave? The main factors, in order to find the best product for you, are:

o essence of water

o depth of the solution

o suitability of the ingredient for the situation concerned

However, I personally believe that the best moisturizer is the one which was manufactured by a single company, for a reason! I would never dream of using a manufactured product with 0% bad ingredients. And why would I want to, when it is safe to say that a single manufacturer does not stand behind their product, and have confident in their product, that is why I subscribe to a company which has a personal commitment to results.

I am sure there are other important ingredients I my that I have forgotten, but this is enough to prove quite how difficult it is to find a best moisturizer. But this is also a proof that natural is not simple and there will always be someone who is crying about products they do not know what exactly are those.

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