How to Connect a PS4 Controller to a PC

How to Connect a PS4 Controller to a PC: PlayStation was all the rage 4 years ago. Now, the release of the PS5 is fast approaching, before you start considering retiring your PS4.

Before you decide to get rid of it, however, you may want to keep it in your gaming rotation using it in conjunction with your PC. It only takes a short time to connect your PS4 controller to your PC, a mini-USB cable, and these are just a few simple steps.

Option 1: Connecting with Steam

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Steam, the most popular PC gaming portal, provides native controller support for DualShock 4. Using your DualShock 4 to play games on Steam is incredibly easy – all you have to do is:

Phase 1: Make sure your Steam client is updated.

Step 2: PLeave your controller behind in your PC.

problem solved! well almost. Even though Steam is up-to-date, you may encounter some hiccups when installing your controller. Steam supports the DS4 as a platform, but that doesn’t mean every PC game works with a controller on its own. If you fire Dark Souls III, You will see what we mean. Detects the steam controller, but Dark Souls III Is not. If you find yourself in that boat, or simply want to use your controller wirelessly without using steam, then you’re not out of luck. DS4Windows may be the solution for you.

Option 2: Connect using DS4Windows

This solution requires little set up, but it is still the best way to talk to your PC and DualShock 4 controllers without any additional headaches. You can connect your DualShock 4 controller to your PC using wired or wireless mode (if your PC has Bluetooth), using DS4Windows, a third-party application. Unless you buy an adapter, this is the best option if you plan to play the game through Originals, UPle, GOG or other PC gaming treasures.

DS4Windows essentially gives your system confidence that it is using an Xbox 360 controller, but you will still have access to motion control and even a touchpad for many games.

Phase 1: Download the latest version of DS4Windows, which can be found on the official website of the application.

stage 2: Remove it using a collection manager like WinRAR or 7Zip. Then you will have two files, DS4Windows And DS4Update.

step 3: double click DS4WindowTo run the installer, which will prompt the following dialog box:

Install driver
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step 4: Beginning with driver installation, follow the on-screen instructions. Installation is quick, so you don’t have to wait long. Click on Install 360 driver If you are running Windows 7 or older – the driver comes pre-loaded on Windows 8 and 10 machines.

Step 5: Once you complete both installations, your controller is ready to connect. Simply plug the DualShock 4 into your PC using a micro USB cable (similar to that used for most Android phones). It will also charge the DualShock 4 battery, but to use the DualShock 4 wirelessly, you will need to pair the controller with your PC using Bluetooth.

Step 6: Press and hold the PS button on your DualShock 4 for three seconds, or until the light bar starts flashing.

Step 7: Open Bluetooth Settings on your PC.

Step 8: connect to wireless controller.

Step 9: If prompted to input a coupling code, enter “0000”.

Step 10: Click Finish On the DS4Windows installer.

Customizing Your Setup

The primary DS4Windows interface allows players to adjust almost every aspect of the controller, precisely to the color of the LED light bar. The default controller profile should work for the most recent PC games, especially if they are designed to work with the Xbox controller.

For games that are not easily compatible with controllers, users can select specific pre-made profiles or create their own, assigning more or less keystrokes to any button of any dual button. Touchpad sensitivity, macros, and game-specific profiles are supported – just look around to see what works best for you.


If you run into issues while using your DualShock 4 controller, you have a few options.

Phase 1: First, there is an option under the Settings tab Hide ds4 controller. This is handy if your DualShock 4 is taking precedence over other connected controllers – such as the Xbox 360 Controller – or if you want to make sure that your DS4Windows settings take precedence over Steam’s DualShock 4 configuration.

stage 2: Likewise, if DualShock 4 is not working correctly when other input devices are connected, there is a button under DS4Windows that you can choose to connect to DualShock 4 specifically, making it the primary for the game. The input source can be created.

step 3: Other file included in DS4Windows install, DS4Update, Will look for the most advanced version of DS4Windows and install it automatically. You should regularly inspect this update to ensure that the most current version of DualShock 4 is working at the highest level on your PC.

Option 3: Connecting with Sony Wireless Adapter

Although we are not very big fans of this particular method, we believe that SonyWireless has stopped manufacturing Sony wireless adapters. GameStop has also gone as far as inventory Telltale price At the price of the finished item of 97 cents. We have stumbled across these lists, which are still rotating online (though not at the price of $ 25). If you want to take this route while trying to connect your PS4 controller, we say go for it. Below are some simple steps that can help you when you are ready to connect using a wireless adapter:

Phase 1: Plug the Sony wireless adapter into your PC.

stage 2: Plug the other end of the cord into your DualShock 4 controller. The pair of both will be formed on their own.

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Due to the canceled adapter, this process is not the best overall. However, it is still the simplest means to establish a link between your PS4 controller and PC. Be sure to free up some space for this 2-inch adapter, which is an extra expense for seamless connectivity. That being said, you still have many other options when it comes to connecting your controller if you can’t seem to find this locked adapter.

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