How to Buy Perfume Online, According to Atelier Cologne’s Founders

“Perfume always helps us to reinforce the mood we want.

Has there ever been a more confusing time to discover a new summer smell? With the warm weather, a time when many people like to switch their normal scent to bright and hot, home stays in many provinces currently stop to enjoy new fragrances by your favorite beauty retailer thing of the past. But at the same time, using smell as a mood booster now seems like a no-brainer. So what is a fragrance lover to do?

We sit with the founders of Perfume’s power duo, Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Sarvassel, Atelier Cologne, to make all things fragrant – including shopping for perfumes online.

To create a sense of freedom when using fragrance in the final year

Christophe: “I am a very morning and evening person in terms of perfume, so I use two different fragrances on the same day. For me morning is about energy and freshness, and in the evening it is more about calm and sensuality. Perfume has always been important to help us strengthen the mood we create. Therefore we are using perfume a lot during quarantine. Candles too. These things have a strong effect on your brain and mood. I try to find out what content, what notes, can contribute to making consumers feel more in the moment. “

At the latest launch of Atelier Cologne, Lemon Island

Christophe: “As always, it is a combination of our own experience and love of raw materials. Five years ago we had the opportunity to go on a boat trip with our children [visit several] Small islands along the Pacific Ocean. It was there that we had the idea to work on this fragrance, [inspired by the] Sunshine, salty, oily smell to come back from the beach. “

Sylvie: “We like citrus in Atelier Cologne and we are always on the hunt for new types of citrus ingredients that have never been used before. So when we were [approached with the concept of using] A very specific kind of small, green lemon growing on an island along the Indian Ocean, we jumped into something to do with this raw material and really try to create an odor that reminds me of escaping from heaven Is – where you are connected with nature, it is a new beginning and everything is calm and emerald and beautiful. It is that feeling of salt from the sea on your skin mixed with suntan oil and the heat of the sun. We asked ourselves, ‘How do we use the material to recreate that moment?’ We started working on it back in 2016, so this is [funny] It is coming at a time where we are all closed and cannot travel. This is a real getaway. “

Christophe: “Green lemon is very bitter and very tasty, which we liked because it reflects the freshness of citrus, but with a more powerful personality. And from the island it was going to lime dustbin; They were not using it for anything. So we also liked the idea of ​​using natural materials, which initially had no end to contribute to the well-being of the local people. “

The founders of atlier cologne are sylvie and christoph
The founders of Atlier Cologne are Sylvie Ganter and Christoph Sarvasel

How consumers can shop for fragrances online

Christophe: “I have two pieces of advice. The first is fairly simple, but that’s why we partner with retailers like Siphora. If you are a Sephora customer, you will receive perfume samples with your orders. Each time you order, you can choose between three free samples and many times you will see an atelier cologne sample [as one of the options]. We sample Sipora in large quantities because we believe it is fundamental to allow [customers to sample new scents].

“And my other advice is to try to understand the feeling and feeling of how the perfume is [when shopping online]. For example, with Lemon Island it is quite easy to understand what the scent will smell on your skin, even if you are not physically able to spray perfume, because of the ingredients and the story behind it. We try to make this feeling very accurate for a customer so that they already know the scent [before smelling it]”

Why all Atelier Cologne scents are unisex

Christophe: “Well, the first reason is that we are a couple and we do not want to compromise, so every fragrance is meant to be appreciated by Sylvie and me. We have different tastes in fragrance; Sylvie loves woody scents, which most people describe as masculine, and I love the aroma of flowers, which are described as feminine most of the time. Taking and passing a new formula is part of our creative process [our team] 20 to 30 people and make sure it is not possible for them [to say] ‘It is a feminine smell’ or ‘It is a masculine smell.’ ‘

Sylvie: “It’s true; when you mix woody scents and flowers together and then add citrus to the top, you get something that can be easily worn by a man or woman. And then it depends on whether How a scent works with your skin. So if Christoph and I wear the same scent, it’s not going to smell the same as it does on me. “

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