How must-know black designers and stylists would dress dream clients

How Must-Know Black Designers and Stylists Would Dress Dream Clients

Eli Karamoh, Stylist Tyler perry And Steve harvey, Was another famous man for the genre in the landscape in a dream. “I will have the opportunity to like someone fly One day, “he told e-news.” Give him a taste of sophistication — not that he doesn’t have it, but I think his stage is as big as he has done with his career and he’s such a chameleon with his sound, I think if I got his style If I were given the opportunity to apply that versatility and bring some class and elegance, I think it would be on a larger scale. Is simply global. I think it would be so gorgeous – just to see Drake in beautiful timeless teddos and suits and even sports, but add some timeless touches with less craze and edgy fashion and urban pieces. “

The stylist also had an idea of ​​which brand he wanted to include in this fictional collaboration: Bottega Veneta by Daniel Lee. “It’s such a modern and sophisticated brand,” Karamoh said. “I just love the boundaries that Bottega has pushed for menswear and I think it would be really fun and generous to wear Drake because it’s fun, it’s modern, it’s young, but it’s just Is also very masculine and… it has a silent language that speaks to a global audience. For me, he serves the purpose of being a global artist. I think that that brand, for me, is really good for him. Will happen. “

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