How Dua Lipa Kept Levitating to Become Pop Music’s Golden Girl

If you noticed that Dua lipa Some person has found a way to flourish in the midst of an epidemic, you are not alone.

When comedian John moolney Visited Jimmy kimmel live On December 1, 2020, host Jimmy kimmel Started my conversation with, “John, I feel like you and Joe Biden And perhaps Dua Lipa is the only people who had a good 2020. “Laughed heartily because of this comment big mouth voice actor. (The interview took place in December, before reports surfaced that John had checked into rehab.)

Although Dua Lipa may not be the leader of the free world (not yet, anyway), there is no question that in the last 12 months, his career has been good, good. The pop superstar heads to the 2021 Grammy Awards ceremony with six nominations, including the Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Album of the Year awards.

Certainly, the 25-year-old London-born actress experienced part of her success before 2020. After all, she currently has a perfect Grammy record, in 2019 she was nominated for two categories: Best New Artist and Best Dance Recording.

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