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Here’s How to be a Board Member at Carl Pei’s New Company

Heres how to be a board member at carl peis

Karl Pei may no longer be with OnePlus, but he hasn’t lost any of the community-driven spirit that turned so many people into devoted fans of the smartphone company. For their new venture, a tech company, called Nothing, announces a “community equity funding” round for potential investors, rather than creating a private platform to take early adopters only to chat. Which is more heavy in the company.

In exchange for your money, you will get access to a private community with special benefits and better information about what the company is doing. However, it does not stop there. A member of the new investment community will be elected to the company’s board, and will act as the “voice of the community” in future board meetings.

Don’t want to do anything, though the $ 1.5m matches the amount invested by Google Ventures (now known as GV) during its community financing round, the firm’s Series A round. There are others including Paddy Cosgrave of Web Summit, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lynn, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman and YouTuber Casey Nestat.

In addition to fitting in with the strategy that led OnePlus to early popularity, the opportunity to invest in startups also comes in the recently increased focus around online stock trading. This includes a large, unexpected purchase of GameStop stock by a group of redditors, which distracts hedge funds from already heavy investments in the company.

This new investment opportunity will likely not only pei, but also OnePlus, and tech-savvy fans of the tech startup world in general. Details about what it involved, how much it would cost, and any possible returns at the time of writing have not been made public. More will be revealed on February 16 at 2 pm PT, and the campaign will launch on March 2. We are in the dark about nothing future plans, although it turns out that the company’s first product will be a pair of true wireless headphones.

Remember one thing before joining: Investing is not a subject to be taken lightly. Whether it is supporting a company on Kickstarter, using stock investment apps, or putting money in a startup like nothing, you should always do your research and learn about the implications of any qualified financial Should talk to a consultant.

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