Grammys 2021 winners: the complete list

Grammys 2021 Winners: The Complete List

Best compilation soundtrack for visual media:

A beautiful day in the neighborhood, Various artists
Bill and Ted Face the Music, Various artists
Eurovision Song Contest: Story of fire saga, Various artists
Frozen 2, Various artists
the winner: Jojo Rabbit, Various artists

Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media:

ad Astra, Max Richter, musician
Becoming, Kamasi Washington, musician
the winner: Joker, Hildur Guanadotir, composer
1917, Thomas Newman, musician
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, John Williams, musician

Best song written for visual media:

“Beautiful Ghost,” Cat, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Taylor Swift, Lyricist (Taylor Swift)
“Carried Me With You, Onward, Brandy Carlyle, Phil Hansroth and Tim Hensroth, Lyricist (Brandy Carlyle)
“In the Unknown,” Frozen 2, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, songwriters (Idina Menzel and Aurora)
the winner: “No Time to Die,” No Time to Die, Billy Ellish O’Connell and Finace Baird O’Connell, Lyricist (Billy Ellisch)
“Stand Up,” Harriet, Joshua Brian Campbell and Cynthia Arrivo, Lyricist (Cynthia Arrivo)

Best Recording Package:

“Everyday Life,” Pilar Zeta, art director (Coldplay)
“Funeral,” Kyle Goen, Art Director (Lil Wayne)
“Healer,” Julian Gross and Hannah Hooper, Art Directors (Grupleve)
“On Circles,” Jordan Butcher, Art Director (Caspian)
the winner: “Volumes 11 and 12,” Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto, Art Directors (Desert Sessions)

Best Boxing or Special Limited Edition Package:

Flaming Pies (Collector’s Edition), Lynn V Andersen, Simon Aerith, Paul McCartney and James Musgrave, Art Directors (Paul McCartney)
Giants Stadium 1987, 1989, 1991, Lisa Glines & Doran Tyson, Art Director (Grateful Dead)
Mode, Jeff Schultz, Art Director (Depe Mode)
the winner: Odd to Joy, Lawrence Azrad and Jeff Tweedy, art directors (Wilco)
Story of Bhootiya International, Michael Cena and Molly Smith, Art Director (Various Artists)

Best Album Notes:

In The Misteller Show: MintRail Routines from the Studio, 1894–1926, Tim Brooks, album notes writer (various artists)
The Bakersfield Sound: Country Music Capital of the West, 1940–1974, Scott B. Bomber, album notes writer (various artists)
the winner: Dead man’s pop, Bob Mehr, album notes writer (The Replacement)
Missing Link: How Gus Hanschen gave us the experience of Jasplin giving a shape of jazz and music business, Colin Hancock, album notes writer (various artists)
From a clear blue sky, David Sager, album notes writer (Nat Brussiloff)

Best Historical Album:

Observed, 1985–1896, Megan Hennessy and Richard Martin, compilation producers; Richard Martin, Master Engineer (Unique Quartet)
Hitin the Ramp: The Early Years (1936–1943), Z. Feldman, Will Friedwald and George Clabin, compilation producers; Matthew Luthans, Master Engineer (Nat King Cole)
the winner: This is such a good feeling: The Best of Mr. Rogers, Lee Lodiga and Cheryl Pavelski, compilation producers; Michael Graves, Master Engineer (Mr. Rogers)
1999 Super Deluxe Edition, Michael Howe, compilation producer; Bernie Grundmann, Master Engineer (Prince)
Memorable, Carolyn Egger, compilation producer; Miles Shovel, master’s engineer (orchestral maneuvers)
Throw Your Heart Down: The Complete Africa Session, Bella Flake, compilation producer; Richard Dodd, engineer (Bella Fleck)

Best Engineer Album, Non-Classical:

Black hole rainbow, Sean Everett and Evan Wayman, engineers; Bob Ludwig, master engineer (Devon Gilfillian)
Expectations, Gary Paczosa and Mike Robinson, engineers; Paul Blakemore, Master Engineer (Katie Pruitt)
the winner: Hyperspace, Drew Brown, Andrew Coleman, Sean Everett, Serban Genia, David Greenbaum, Jayken Joshua and Mike Larsen, engineers; Randy Merrill, Master Engineer (Beck)
Jaime, Sean Everett, engineer; Sean Everett, Master Engineer (Brittany Howard)
25 trips, Shani Gandhi and Gary Paczosa, engineers; Adam Grover, Master Engineer (Sierra Hull)

Producer of the Year, Non-Classical:

Jack entoff
Dan Auerbach
Dave cob
Flying lotus
Andrew Watt

Best Remixed Recording:

“Do You Ever (RAC Mix), RAC, Remixer (Phil Good)
“Fantasy Friends (Morgan Page Remix)”, Morgan Page, Remixer (Deadmau5)
“Praying for You (Louie Vega Main Remix),” Louie Vega, Remixer (Jasper Street Company)
the winner: “Roses (Imanbeck Remix),” Imanbek Zikhenov, Remixer (SAINt JHN)
“Young and Alive (Baazi vs. Huayre Remix),” Huayere, Remixer (Baazee)

Best Engineer Album, Classical “

Danielpour: The Passion of Jesus, Bernad Göttinger, engineer (Joan Falletta, James K. Bass, Adam Lubke, UCLA Chamber vocalist, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus)
Gershwin: Pori and Bess, David Frost and John Kerswell, engineers; Silas Brown, Master Engineer (David Robertson, Eric Owens, Angel Blue, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus)
Hines: Fields, Kelly Pyke, engineer; Jessie Lewis and Kyle Pike, Master Engineer
Ives: Complete Symphony, Alexander Lippe and Dimitri Lippe, engineers; Alexander Lipay and Dimitri Lipay, expert engineers (Gustavo Dudmell and the Los Angeles Philharmonic)
the winner: Shostakovich: Symphony Number 13, “Babby Man,” David Frost and Charlie Post, engineers; Silas Brown, Master Engineer (Ricardo Muti and Chicago Symphony Orchestra)

Producer of the year, classical

Blanton Alspag
the winner: David frost
Jessie Lewis
Dimitri Lipay
Alain marten

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