Google’s Pixel Buds 2 have some magical features. Here are 9 of them

Pixel buds 2 google

Google’s Pixel Buds 2 has many features that you need to learn.

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Google’s Pixel Buds 2 Is the real deal. They look great, sweat soaked and suggest a good fit etiquette and a fin that holds them in your ears. But Pixel Buds 2 has more than just fit and sound quality. For example, you can use these small gadgets to keep tabs on account of your inbox. Google Assistant Integration and even though they lack active noise cancellation, they will automatically adjust the volume to match the sound level of your environment.

From fast pairing and checking the battery level to pairing your Pixel Buds 2 with non-Android phones, we need to know about the Pixel Buds 2 below.

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1. Setup is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Pairing pixel buds for yourself Android The phone or tablet takes less than 30 seconds. Seriously. All you need to do is open the Pixel Buds case next to your unlocked phone and wait soon. Here, it looks like this:

Pairing takes just a few seconds. really.

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After the prompt appears, tap on it and let your phone and buds do the rest. The notification states that Pixel Buds will be linked to your Google Account, which means that you can quickly connect to Pixel Buds on any Android device you sign on. Just open the case near your other phone or tablet and wait for an alert to appear on your screen that says something along the lines of “Your left device is available” and tap it to connect.

After pairing Pixel Buds, you should ask a quick question if you want to install the Pixel Buds app. The answer is yes, you do – the app is how you unlock more cute features.

If you are adding Pixel Buds to a Pixel phone, then you will not have to install the app, it is built in your device. You can access it by opening the Bluetooth settings page next to your Bluetooth buds and tapping on the gear icon.

We have instructions at the bottom of this post on how to bind pixel buds for a non-Android device.

Pixel buds 2 google

The charging case has a battery indicator, but what about the buds?

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2. Easily check battery level

There are two main ways to check your Pixel Buds’ battery status and charging case. You can open the Pixel Buds app, where battery statistics appears at the top. Or you can unlock your phone and open the charging case with the pixel buds still inside, and one or two later, an alert will tell you everything you need to know about the battery level.

You can charge down by placing the Pixel Buds case on a wireless charging pad, or via a USB-C port.


Go through the Pixel Buds tutorial so that you can master the gestures and controls.

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3. Learn control

Both Pixel Buds act as huge touch panels, allowing you to tap or swipe to read your notifications to work like Play or Pause Music or Quick Google Assistant. Here is a quick description of the gestures you want to know:

One tap: Play / Pause or answer incoming call.

double tap: Tracking, ending or rejecting a call and shutting down Google Assistant.

Triple-tap: Get back on track.

Swipe forward: turn the volume up.

Swipe back: Reduce volume.

long press: While touching Bud, you can talk to Google Assistant, or if you issue a chime, Google Assistant reads your notifications.

4. Very good for ear detection

Don’t worry about stopping before you take out a pixel bud. They are smart enough to know when they are in your ear, and when you take out one, they will automatically pause. Put it back to resume playback.


Adaptive sound is an essential feature.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani / ClearTips

5. Magic Volume Control

Pixel buds can adjust their volume automatically, depending on how quiet or noisy the environment you’re in. Adaptive Sound is off by default, but you can – and should – turn it on.

Open the Pixel Buds app or settings page, tap on Adaptive Sound and slide the switch in the ON position.

With adaptive sound turned on, your pixel buds will make subtle adjustments to their volume levels as the noise around you changes. If you make any manual adjustments, the adaptive sound will temporarily stop making changes, until the ambient noise changes significantly. Very good stuff.


Google Assistant adds an extra layer of features to Pixel Buds 2 that you should not skip.

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6. Set up Google Assistant

After the initial pairing, you will be asked if you want to set up Google Assistant on Pixel Buds. Doing so means that Google Assistant will read new alerts from the apps of your choosing and answer you without picking up your phone.

Of course, common Google Assistant-type tasks will also be possible, such as controlling a smart light or adjusting your Nest Thermostat.

Open the Pixel Buds app and tap on Google Assistant to begin the setup process, which includes giving helpful access to your phone’s notifications. Once done, you can automatically record read-through app notifications and control whether Pixel Buds will react to the “Hey, Google” wake phrase.

Pixel buds 2 google

The device search feature can save you a day.

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7. Find a Lost Bud

Fully wireless earbuds are amazing, but they are also very easy to lose. One second you are listening to your favorite tunes, then you take one out and set it and go away. Thankfully, Google has included a tool that helps you find your lost bud in the Pixel Buds app.

Open the app and choose Locate device. Next, tap on the bud that is missing and then listen. Bud will start playing quieter than before, slowly louder, until you expect.

Pixel buds 2 google

Pairing with a non-Android device is painless.

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8. Pair with an iPhone, PC or Mac

Pixel Buds can be used with any Bluetooth-enabled device such as iPhone, iPad ($ 385 on eBay), Mac or PC. Granted, you won’t get to use some more advanced features like fast pairing and Google Assistant, but all is not lost. You will still have auto-pause and play and volume control gestures will also work along with tap control.

Follow these steps to pair your Pixel Buds with a non-Android device:

1 is With Pixel Buds in the charging case, open it, then press and hold it in the button on the back of the case.

2. The white light between the buds would blink.

3. Open the Bluetooth settings menu on your device and look for your pixel buds.

рек. Select your pixel buds on your device and follow the prompts to complete the pairs.

Pixel buds 2 google

Reset your Pixel Buds 2 using the button on the back of the factory case.

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9. Factory reset your pixel buds

If you are ready to pass your Pixel Buds to someone else, or just want to get started, you can easily reset them. Start charging the case through the USB-C port, with pixel buds inside it, then hold down the button on the back until the pairing light goes off.

The light will blink white and orange for a few seconds, and then just return to the white eyelid, indicating the reset is complete.

Now that you have mastered your Pixel Buds 2, the time has come to master your Android phone. We found something Killer features hidden, And one is Full rehearsal of all Android 10 gestures. And we can’t forget to mention the most important of our guides Android 11 features you should know. Plus, Android 12 On your way, and here 3 main things android 12 can do that android 11 can’t.

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