Google Accused Of Tracking App Users Who Opted Out

A class-action lawsuit filed on Tuesday accuses Google of tracking user activity through various mobile apps – even if people have opted in to share their data.

As previously reported by Reuters, the suit was filed Tuesday against the tech veteran in the US District Court for the Northern District of Northern California. The complaint also accuses users of logging news apps to Google, ridesharing apps, and other types of apps, even though tracking of people has stopped in their account settings.

“Google continues to block consumers’ app usage and app-browsing communications and personal information, even when consumers follow Google’s instructions and turn off ‘web and app activity’ on their Google privacy controls,” The lawsuit states.

Google accused of tracking app users who opted out
Kai Wenzel / Unsplash

reached out to Google for comment about the lawsuit. We will update this story when we hear back.

This is the second lawsuit filed against Google within the last month. The same law firm filed a complaint in June accusing Google of tracking Google Chrome browser activity and habits, even if the user was in incognito mode.

The lawsuit claims that Google’s incognito mode provides users with the misconception that their Internet usage will not be disrupted and intentionally assures them that they will retain control of their browsing information.

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