Go Inside Olympic Swimmer Nathan Adrian’s Baby Nursery and Playroom

Nathan AdrianThe baby nursery is designed for a champion.

Before officially becoming a parent, Olympic swimmer and his wife Hailey Adrian Gave some final touches to her baby girl’s nursery and playroom. With the help of the Pottery Barn Kids, the couple were eventually able to create places placed in modern furniture, but still filled with great warmth.

“For the nursery, we wanted a comfortable / cozy space because it creates an open environment for people to spend time together,” explained Nathan. “Especially for the playroom, we wanted it to be a place that was functional. We wanted that place to be a place where baby Adrian actually goes to play and we spend time together Huh.”

For Holly, she was excited to find permanent products that are free of toxins. “We love that the furniture is not only made with environmentally conscious materials, but is GREENGUARD certified and tested for thousands of bad chemicals,” she shared. “Even the bed is organic!”

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