Glow Recipe Body Cream Is Here, Plus More Beauty News

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Take a look at beauty news, including a first-time glow recipe body product and a new cleanser in the Detox market.

Glow recipe launches its first body product

If you’re past the watermelon-scented products (a sleeping mask, toner) of the cult’s favorite skincare brand Glow Recipe and of course, the moisturizers that started it all, you’re in luck. This week, the brand launched Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream, Melon Seed Butter, Hibiscus (a natural alpha hydroxy acid to lubricate) and creamed lotion designed to gently remove dead skin cells and hyaluronic acid. The fast soaking lotion leaves behind no trace – just the scent of the beloved watermelon. The lotion was inspired by the Korean tradition of rubbing cold watermelon on the skin to help soothe irritation and even soothe summer rash. This launch has made Glow recipe the first place in the world of body care and has definitely become a spring and summer staple.

Dior premiered NoseA documentary film about perfume

If your normal binge-TV sessions make you feel tired for a short time, can we suggest tuning in to something – actually a very – More chic? This week, Dyer premiered his documentary film, Nose On Apple TV and iTunes and if you’re ever curious about the magical world of perfume, we suggest you keep watching the film. Nose Directed by Clement Beauvis and Arthur de Kersen, and through Francois Demachi, who created Dior perfumes for two years, and through 14 countries in search of inspiration and the most precious raw material to create the brand’s iconic fragrance Follows “The film really matches with the heroes and heroines everyday. Nose Earth and all those wonders are still connected to us, ”the directors explained. “We wanted to take the idea of ​​sovereign nature even further, exploring unexpected beauty and emotional terrain, to try to uncover the mystery of a perfume.”

Detox mode launches not one three New sweeper

Detox Mode, the in-house product line of Detox Market, has entered the skincare category for the first time since successfully delaying the hand cream, deodorant and body wash categories since the line’s inception in 2018. This week, Detox Mode is not one, not two, but three new cleaners (let’s talk about creating a grand entrance!): Nutritional Jelly Cleaner, Foam Cleaner and Cream Cream Cleanser Renovation. Botanically formulated products have been developed with the understanding that the skin is constantly evolving and skincare products should serve and benefit the skin in its current state – whatever it may be. Each cleaner meets a different skin need: lethargy, sensitivity, and dehydration.

Briogeo added a new charcoal scalp mask to its haircare lineup

Beloved haircare brand Briogeo has released Scalp Revival Charcoal + Tea Tree Cooling Hydration Scalp Mask, a new clinically proven scalp mask that nourishes an itchy, irritable and / and flaky scalp with an explosion of instant cooling and hydration is. Formulated with 98% naturally derived ingredients, the Workhorse Scalp Mask builds up impurities and product thanks to charcoal, and then immediately replenishes hydration by mixing aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, which increases moisture. A refreshing combination of tea tree, peppermint and spear oil soaks the scalp with an immediate cooling effect, which will make this mask a total lifeguard in summer.

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