Get Wardrobe Inspo from The Muppet Show, Now on Disney+

Photography courtesy of Emxtree.

These 10 pieces pop with color and delight with texture.

It’s all about the Muppets, baby! Five seasons of The Muppet Show Hit up Disney + today, and since we’re still in winter mode and needing a bit of joy in our wardrobes, we’re preparing ourselves for fabled fluffy, fuzzy looks like characters like Beaker and Fuzz’s Beer Can take cues from Designers have long loved a good Muppet, and from Molly Goddard’s quirky touch designs to helper feather fares (pictured above), spring 2021 season iconic Puppet-meets-marionette examples of harnessing energy Is bursting with.

Can’t wait for the warm weather to get your gonzo? Feast your eyes on it Muppet Show Inspect and get your inner animal ready to move out.

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