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Find out on which streaming platforms (re)watch the films and series of the late Gaspard Ulliel, who died last week at the age of 37.

Gaspard ulliel where to see the films of the deceased
Shayne Laverdiere, Sons of Manual

SIBYL (2019)

Available on MyCanal and Salto

Sibyl is a novelist turned psychoanalyst. Caught up by the desire to write, she decides to leave most of her patients. While she is looking for inspiration, Margot, a young actress in distress, begs her to receive her. In the middle of filming, she is pregnant with the main actor… who is in a relationship with the director of the film.

While she exposes her passionate dilemma to him, Sibyl, fascinated, records it secretly. The word of his patient nourishes his novel and plunges him back into the whirlwind of his past. When Margot implores Sibyl to join her in Stromboli for the end of filming, everything accelerates at a dizzying pace…


Available on MyCanal and Salto

After twelve years of absence, a writer returns to his native village to announce his impending death to his family. It is the reunion with the family circle where we tell each other the love we have for each other through the eternal quarrels, and where we say in spite of ourselves the resentments that speak in the name of doubt and loneliness.


Available on MyCanal, Netflix and Salto

Vincent Dauda, ​​in his thirties, dreams of winning back his ex, the bewitching Louise. He drags his grief until the day a delivery man gives him a package he didn’t order. A strange, bottomless box through which he experiences a time journey that brings him back… to Louise’s side before their separation.


Available on OCS and Amazon (with a 7-day trial of the OCS channel)

1562, France is under the reign of Charles IX, the wars of religion are raging…

From an early age, Marie de Mézières loved Henri, Duke of Guise. She is forced by her father to marry the Prince of Montpensier. Her husband, called by Charles IX to join the princes in their war against the Protestants, leaves her in the company of her tutor, the Count of Chabannes, far from the world, at the Château de Champigny.

She tries in vain to forget her passion for Guise, but in spite of herself becomes the stake of rival and violent passions in which the Duke of Anjou, future Henri III, also comes to mingle.


Available on OCS and Amazon (with a 7-day trial of the OCS channel)

For Milo Malakian, what counts is his clan, his family, his roots… After a final spectacular blow, he intends to stop, pass the reins of the clan to his direct heir, the only son he has left: Anton . But he longs for another life. The secret relationship he has with Elodie (a local nurse) has opened his eyes to his father’s violent and hopeless world. He has to get out of this circle…


Available on Amazon


This fixed idea keeps him at a distance from the other soldiers, young people disillusioned or terrified by the cruelty of the Vietnamese separatists. His meeting with Maï, an Indochinese prostitute, will induce trouble in his hitherto unshakable resolve.

A great performance by Gaspard Ulliel, in a realistic film with a suffocating atmosphere where violence rubs shoulders with madness.

ORDEAL (2017)

Available on Amazon (with a 7-day trial of the SHADOWZ channel)

At tea time, as the doorbell rings, Mr. Kaplan, a man in his fifties, finds himself face to face with a young man he does not know.


Available on OCS and Amazon (with a 7-day trial of the OCS channel)

Loïe Fuller was born in the great American West. Nothing destined this farm girl to become the glory of the Parisian cabarets of the Belle Epoque and even less to dance at the Paris Opera. Hidden under meters of silk, her arms extended by long wooden sticks, Loïe reinvents her body on stage and marvels a little more each evening.

Even if the physical efforts must break her back, even if the power of the lights must burn her eyes, she will not stop perfecting her dance. But his meeting with Isadora Duncan, a young prodigy eager for glory, will precipitate the fall of this icon of the beginning of the 20th century.

9 FINGERS (2018)

Available on Amazon (with a 7-day trial from the MUBI channel)

At night, in a train station, a man named Magloire flees. Without baggage and without a future. As he comes across a bundle of money, the trouble begins. A gang is on his heels, of which he ends up hostage, then accomplice. It’s Kurtz’s gang.

Following a failed robbery, they all board a freighter whose suspect tonnage is as volatile as it is deadly. Nothing goes as planned – poison and madness gain the edge. Kurtz’s men turn out to be the playthings of a plot led by the mysterious “9 Fingers”…

NB: Other feature films from the career of Gaspard Ulliel, such as Saint Laurent, A Long Engagement Sunday, Jacquou le Croquant or Les Egarés are also available for rental or VOD purchase on certain platforms.

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