1617313279 fortnite season 6 week 3 challenges and how to complete

Fortnite Season 6 Week 3 Challenges and How to Complete Them

The time of the week is again, which can only mean one: Time to cover the latest list Fortnite Challenges. This is week 3 of season 6, and the latest set of challenges require you to defeat some weapons, fish in specific locations, and NPCs around the map. You probably won’t have much difficulty completing this week’s challenges, but if you’re stuck, you’ve come to the right place.

As always, we have prepared a list of the latest challenges along with how to complete the tricks. Are here FortniteSeason 6, Week 3 Challenges and how to complete more difficult ones.

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Season 6, week 3 challenge list

Fortnite-season-6-week-3- challenges-and-how-to-complete-them

As always, we recommend you at least keep an eye on the list of challenges so that you have a good idea of ​​what to expect. While this week’s challenges are still fairly straightforward, some will require more effort to complete than others.

The complete list is as follows:

  • Fly 20 meters with a chicken (20)
  • Hunting a Chicken (1)
  • Fishing at Camp Cod, Lake Canoe, or Stealth Citadel (5)
  • Shotgun damage
  • Get headshot with rifles (10)
  • Damage within 20 meters using a pistol (500)
  • Remove Raptor, Zenith or Blackheart (1)

You will naturally progress towards getting a headshot by playing with rifles or dealing damage with a shotgun. For difficult purposes, we have found a detailed guide on how to accomplish them below.

Season 6, Week 3 Challenge Guide

Fly 20 meters with a chicken

1617313276 459 fortnite season 6 week 3 challenges and how to complete

One of the first challenges you will work on is to fly 20 meters with chicken. These creatures are found around the map at specific locations, so check the links below for more information.

How to fly up to 20 meters with a hen

Catch Fish in Camp Cod, Lake Canoe, or Stealth Citadel


Has been a major fishing center Fortnite For the time being, and this week, you’ll need to visit a few locations – including Camp Cod, Lake Canoe, or Stealth Stronghold – to brush up on your fishing skills. The link below will walk you through how to complete the challenge.

How to fish in Camp Cod, Lake Canoe or Stealthy Citadel

Remove raptor, zenith or blackheart


One of the toughest challenges of the week is to defeat the Raptors, Zenith or Blackheart. If you are not ready, these are NPCs around the map that can pose a threat to you. See the guide below for more on taking them down.

How to eliminate raptor, zenith or blackheart

And with that, you should be prepared to deal with all the challenges of this week. For the most part, they shouldn’t separate you from taking one of the NPCs, but if you’re ready, you’ll be able to end them with some issues.

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