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Fortnite Challenge Guide: How to Scan a Server at a Surface Hub

It’s 13 weeks Of fortnite Season 5, and with it comes a new set of challenges for you. The objectives for this week are not too difficult – most difficult ones require you to travel to specific areas that are not marked on the map. One of the first challenges will likely require you to scan a server on a surface hub. Of course, these servers are not marked on the map, so it is up to us to tell you where to find them. The map has three spawns at certain locations, but you only have to do one scan to complete the challenge.

Stealthy Citadel, Colossal Coliseum and Hunter’s Haven have one each, and we’ll show you the locations of the three. Here’s how to scan a server in Surface Hub Fortnite.

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Where to scan server on surface hub

Fortnite challenge guide how to scan a server at a

As with many Fortnite Challenges, you have got some options to fulfill your objective. In referencing the map above (from Fortnite.gg), you will see the common locations of the three servers. This is not specific enough, but below, we will go into more detail on how to find them all. Remember, you only need to do one scan, so select a location where the Battle Bus starts at the beginning of a match. You can also try it in Team Rumble so that you don’t make it.

Hunter’s haven

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All the servers are found in similar locations – which are usually hidden underground. First, the head of the westernmost building in Hunter’s Haven. It is a very small looking building, which goes downstream. Go all the way down to the bottom floor and then up another set of steps all the way. There is a level up server, right next to a balcony. Just press category On PlayStation, X On xbox, or This To hack on Nintendo Switch.

Colossal Coliseum

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For Colossal Coliseum, you will want to visit the southern part of the area. Downstairs there is a brown gate on the south side that you can destroy, so do so and then follow the steps down to the floor below, like we described with Hunter’s Haven. Then, go up the steps to the left, and immediately to the right is a door containing a room containing a server.


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An eastern part of the large structure in the center of the Stealthy stronghold is a hidden passage leading downward, like the previous two places. Follow all the steps on the floor below. Across the room there is a door you can go in, which contains the server.

Once you hack one of the servers listed above, you will receive 20,000 XP credits for your Battle Pass as well as completing the challenge!

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