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Fortnite Challenge Guide: Deal Damage to Opponents with The Recycler

Season 6, Week 4 Fortnite You are running with a new set of challenges to complete. While most quests will likely not cause you much trouble, one in particular requires some planning. The quest is to damage opponents with The Rekiller, a weapon that must be obtained worldwide as chests or floor loot.

The challenge has two parts: acquiring the recycler and dealing with the loss. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find The Recycler, as well as how to use it against enemies. Here’s how to deal damage to opponents with Rekiller Fortnite.

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How to get the recipient


You need to get through it before you can actually deal damage with a reseller. The easiest way to do this is to play Team Rumble. At the end of the match when a lot of supplies fall, you have a higher chance of finding one. Alternatively, you can eliminate another player who has a recycler to acquire himself. The good thing about Team Rumble is that you have got plenty of enemies to eliminate the enemies nearest to you, along with many opportunities to find the Rekkiller weapon.

How to deal with loss with recycled


Once you get the Recycler, you want to make your way to other enemy players to deal some damage. To complete this challenge, you need to deal 300 damage with The Recycler, which is relatively low, especially when you consider how chaotic it becomes at the end of the Team Rumble match. The tricky part is learning how to use recyclables.

It works like a grenade launcher, but instead of using traditional ammo, you should suck items around the world to refill it, hence its name Recycler. Use the left trigger to suck objects, which will refill the ammo of the weapon. Keep in mind, you must suck an item into its entirety to fill an ammo slot. You have to completely destroy an object by sucking it to get ammo, so don’t waste your time, try to suck big, durable items.

Instead, suck small items such as signs, different types of furniture, or other pieces of junk that are smaller than vehicles. By default, The Wrestler has three shots, so you’ll probably run out of ammo before completing the challenge. The quality of Team Rumble is that you move around with the weapons you have before you finish, so come back and repeat the process until you deal 300 damage to enemies.

After you do, you will earn 24,000 XP for your troubles.

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