Fluance signature series floorstanding speakers review fluances signature series offer

Fluance Signature Series Floorstanding Speakers review: Fluance’s Signature Series offer expansive sound

On the budget end of the A/V spectrum, Canadian company Fluance has been making a name for itself as a high-quality speaker manufacturer since the turn of the century. After a run of seriously impressive Bluetooth speakers, the company is gliding from its design wing and entry-level to enthusiast territory with its new Signature Series Floorstanders.

The Signature Series Hi-Fi Three-Way Floorstanding Speakers are available separately for $799 or as part of a 5.0 system for $999 (with surround and a center channel, but no subwoofer).

We first encountered the Signature Series in February 2016 and were not impressed by what we heard. While movie sound was fine, the speakers weren’t able to attempt any kind of music. We gave him 6.6 out of 10. But it appears that the company has made some changes, and while the exterior design appears the same, we are happy to say that the wait is well worth it.

The Floorstanders’ main strength is the large 8-inch drivers, which virtually remove the need for a separate subwoofer. But the midrange has now got the upgrade the speaker deserved. The music is expressive, wide-open and has a dynamic height that was previously lacking.

While the main attraction of the Fluence is their sheer size and stunning looks, the designers have tried to make sure that the speakers now deliver every bit their $800 sound. To the credit of the designer, we can say that they have been quite successful.

In the meantime, Fluance representatives have informed us that if customers who purchased their speakers in 2016 have had a problem, they should contact Fluance to discuss replacement (along with potential shipping costs).

editor’s Note: This review has been updated to reflect the new version of the speakers, available as of September 2016. Rating has been upped for better sound.


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Sarah Tu/ClearTips

It seems that Fluence is participating in an arms race to create the biggest possible speaker, a race in which it is the only participant. The company’s previous flagship, the Fluance XL7F, was a huge speaker. We said at the time that it dwarfed others before itself.

Fluent-signature-series-05. Jpg

Sarah Tu/ClearTips

Well, imagine a school bus gets swallowed up by a sperm whale and you get an idea of ​​how big the new Signature series is. At 4 feet long, they may be the largest consumer speakers we’ll ever see in the ClearTips Audio Lab.

and heavy. 62.4 lbs. On per speaker, You will definitely need the help of a friend to set them up.

Fluent-signature-series-04. Jpg

Sarah Tu/ClearTips

The Fluence is a three-way speaker with a 1-inch silk dome tweeter and 5-inch yellow glass fiber driver that looks smaller than it is thanks to the huge dual 8-inch bass woofer sitting above.

The crossover network seems to have gotten some attention this time around, so while the original points were set at (an extremely high) 1.2kHz and 2.3kHz on the tweeter, the mix is ​​much more natural.

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