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FIFA 21 Beginner’s Guide | Tips and Tricks

In a hot game of Fifa 21, A bad pass or a player’s over-confidence can be enough to swing the game in your opponent’s favor and spend the match. Even if you’re a long-time fan of the series, this iteration of the popular game features a ton of changes from last year’s version and new mechanics that make you want any hope of keeping up with the competition. If you are new to FIFA, or football in general, the idea of ​​controlling an entire squad of players may seem overwhelming.

Like the real game, there is no perfect way to play FIFA 21. This is what keeps the game interesting, but it’s no fun to jump into the game and immediately realize that you have no chance of winning. Whether you are playing against AI in the ultimate team, your friends, or rivals online, these are the basic tips you need to build your skills on the field.

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Learn to use Agile Dribbling and Creative Run

Fifa 21 agile dribbling

Two new features introduced in Fifa 21 The playing field between veterans and newcomers will also help. Of course, there are options for Agile Dribbling and Creative Run Movement. Well, they are not much of an option as they are essential parts of your control. Neither of these two would like to use the pass without a pass, so learn them well.

Agile Dribbling is mapped for you R1 button When you are controlling a player with the ball. When you hold down this button the player will slow down and the ball starts to push their body much tighter than usual, allowing for a much higher level of accuracy as the ball moves around. How much control a player gets will depend on the player, especially their dribbling stats, but not doing so when trying to bypass the opponent’s defense, basically giving them the ball. Hold R 1 And dragging the ball around the defenders like a beautiful dancer.

Creative runs, on the other hand, take slightly more strategy. Once you have mastered the technique, however, you can dominate the field. How they work allows you to press other players on your team and move in specific directions at different speeds. L1 And aim with the right stick. There is no limit to the capacity of this facility. Use to set plays, make openings, move a player to the position where you want to pass, and anything else you can think of. This new feature takes away another slightly random element of relying on your player’s AI so you know what you want them to do and gives you a simple way to stay in control.

Know when to sprint and how to jockey

This is more for new players Fifa 21, But everyone can do it with a refresher to manage their player’s stamina. Every game twists these mechanics a bit, and thankfully it wasn’t as harsh as in previous entries, but by the middle of a match all the difference can be made.

Most games basically condition you to sprint non-stop. Fifa 21 Does not immediately discourage you from doing it. In fact, for a while, it will look like an absolute positive to push your players to the limit at all times. You can attack the ball faster, change, and make the overall speed of the game more exciting by keeping that sprint button down at all times. Here’s the catch, though – pushing your players to sprint too much has more downside than you expect. Not only will they deteriorate and crawl slower no matter how hard you catch the sprint, forcing you to sub them for worse players, but it also makes them worse overall players. A tired player moves the power bar at a faster pace, giving them less ball control, passing them and getting less accurate and more. When you sprinkle need , not all the time.

Defense is often seen as the less entertaining side of football games, but stopping goals is arguably more important than making them. Most people do not take the time to devise a good defensive strategy, focusing almost exclusively on offense, so either type of plan gives you an edge to quickly shock your opponent. By controlling the attackers’ departure, you can prevent them from taking clean shots off, or even stealing clean. Hold L2 With your defender to connect the class with the attacker R 2 If you need to pace, and throw a wrench in their offensive plans. It takes longer, but is more consistent and safer than dealing with risk that can give an opponent a free kick.

Spice up your passes and shots

Fifa 21 shots

After the methods last year Fifa Added new ways to pass the ball, combined with new movement options and controls Fifa 21, There is no excuse for passing Basic. As long as a standard pass is not really the best option in your current situation, you need To take advantage of all the options you have. If you double tap L1 And Triangle You can speed up a lob pass and gain control faster to make a quick cut. Or you can double-tap your short pass to make it a short pass to reduce your chances of being intercepted.

Shooting has also been expanded to new levels. Then, if you’re just running towards the goal and tapping Circle You are basically just giving the ball to another team. You will need to learn all these different shot types eventually, but if the amount seems heavy just integrate one or two every match and integrate until you can get the right one out on instinct.

The original shots are here and mapped out for you Circle button. This is just a standard, straight kick that you can control power by pressing the button for more or less time. If the goalie is in position, it is not easy to fancy and block anything again.

A low shot is done by pressing L1 And r1 Killing Circle. These shots, obviously, keep the ball low but very strong on the ground. They greatly increase the risk of the ball flying, but the goalkeeper is easy to save.

Just pressing moves smart R 1 And Circle, And are the most preferred type of player. They allow the trajectory of the ball to curve as it flies. If you need to go around an aggressive goalkeeper, these shots force them to stay on their toes.

The final chip is the chip shot, performed with L1 And Circle The button. These are very situational, and still have high risks. They send the ball in a large arc floating almost straight up. Unless you are one with the goalkeeper, and they form a desperate crowd to steal, there is not much use for this shot in most games.

Do squad building challenge and skill games

Squad building challenges, or SBCs, come in two types: basic and advanced. These will earn you new packs and coins for the ultimate team mode that keeps most people hooked. Fifa 21 For months and years. Even if the final team is not your bag, they are good for practicing how to build effective teams.

Have your own tutorials for skill games Fifa 21, And cover nine categories with multiple exercises within each. If you are coming right away Fifa 20 Then you can probably run away from basic class exercises that cover things like movement, dribbling, passing, shooting, and tackles, but this is the first place anyone should start new, or in need of a refresher. If you can, it would be the best thing to go through the entire series, but at the very least you should do the dribbling, defense, goalkeeper, shooting, and practice scenarios. At this point in the series, the tutorials are actually showing you that not only is the way to take action good, but also what circumstances you get needed Do them inside.

Practice your kicks with set pieces

Fifa 21 set piece

The set pieces are technically part of the skill games, but their own additions here deserve mention. Not only are all the different scenarios they give you quick and fun, but they will really value home how you shoot the ball. These, as well as similar practice scenarios, are the perfect way to sharpen your skills, even when you don’t have the time to devote to playing a full match. There are five set pieces and four practice scenarios, plus one final challenge in each.

Quick Ultimate Team Tips

The FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT, is basically the star mode in FIFA games, and is a hardcore fan that can spend dozens or more hours. This mode is played by collecting player cards and teaming with the said card to play against others. Air India. There is a ton to learn and consider with this mode, but here are some tips that help you at least get started with the final team.

First of all there are FUT coins. You will be spending these coins on purchasing new player cards, and earn them as rewards for playing FUT matches, trading cards for coins, completing SBC, and playing in Squad Battle, Division Rivals, and FUT Champions. Huh. This is where our above suggestion about completing the Squad Building Challenge is in practice.

Talking of coins, do not gamble them on gold packs. It doubles up to spend real-world cash on them. Unless you have a lot, very, Lucky that you are saving better and spending your coins directly on the player you want through the transfer market. Just look for the player you’re after and see what the average price is. They will fluctuate, and different people may keep them for cheaper, so it may be worth discontinuing for a better offer.

When looking for players, see all leagues. In most popular leagues, like the Premier League, players are often too expensive for most people to form a team (without resorting to opening your wallet), while other leagues have great players at more reasonable coin prices. Occur.

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