Ffxiv nier raid guide:

FFXIV Nier Raid Guide: How to Complete The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach

FFXIV Nier Raid Guide: The last Nier Print of FFXIV Cinematographer Detailed. The unusual circumstances surrounding the arrival of Android 9S and 2B reveal themselves to an amusing conclusion that there are sure to be obstacles along the way. As in the last two raids in the series, these bosses hit in hard, fast and horrifying ways.

If you’re smart enough to understand why reading up on your enemy is better than venturing into battle unprepared, then figure out how to beat the breeds of Hetz, Hensel and Gretel, The Red Girl, and the Secret Last Boss . Here are all the towers in the paradigm’s breech boss strategies, which you need in an easy written format, which you can refer back to as each new mechanic.

Tower at Paradigm’s Breach Boss Strategy Guide

knave of Hearts

Ffxiv nier raid guide:
Ffxiv nier raid guide:

Move list

  • Roar: Damage AoE Damage
  • Colossal effect: damage from center (open mouth) or both sides (closed fist)
  • Magic Artillery Beta: Tank Buster
  • Magic Artillery Alpha: AOE Marker Above Non-Tank
  • Repetition: clones on both sides of the field
  • Stacking Deck: Attacks orders on each clone
  • Sperm: The summons are gradually rounded to travel to the battlefield.
  • Light Leap: Slams the center of the arena, creating solid blocks
  • Lange: The entire raid pushes the team away from the casting location of the boss

The Heart of Hearts shows you its cards much earlier in the fight. After it launches a raid-wide field attack and teaches you to avoid its open mouth or closed fist when it casts a colossal impact, it will soon use a replica to clone your right, then fight. Another one on the left as it progressed.

These clones carry out the same attacks as the main boss in a sequence, with each clone being stacked deck marked by the number of dice. Pay attention to the order in which each enemy will execute its chosen move, and you will soon find out where each is standing to escape.

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Once you are introduced to the key mechanics of replication and stacking decks, new moves like the Spheroid / Magic Artillery Alpha combo will be woven. This particular setup is nothing more than the team-different challenge seen in other owners. Avoid pills, then avoid each other.

Once you see that the light leap has not been cast for a long time, look at the boss’ normal position: it is about to come down in the center. The effect is accompanied by a few raised structures that essentially elevate the dance you perform during the next use of stacking the deck.

Knowledge of hearts loose attack

Lunge is the new sequence mechanic here. Instead of using blocks to break your line of sight with the incoming strike, you want to position yourself so that you are pushed into a block, avoiding the doom of leaving the arena. Once you avoid it, keep yourself to avoid various attacks of repulsion (such as the Kosal Impact) until they calm down.

Things only shake a bit more as the fight ensues, with linear orb attacks such as spheroids and Magic Artillery Alpha needing to stop the linear attacks. The whole battle is simply a matter of taking things step by step. Notice the plan to attack each replica and when you want, and you will waltz through it.

Hansel and gretel

Hensel and gretel passing lance attack

Move list

  • Heavy loss to the entire team
  • Creeping Blow: Greatly damages the tank
  • Tandem Assault – Killer Sweep: Starts a 180 degree sweep from each enemy around its front
  • Tandem Assault – Passing Lance: Bites through two areas of the field and ejects the lasers from the center regrets.
  • Tandem Assault – Decisive: Runs a mob from both enemies, starting in opposite directions and leaving a safe spot at the farthest southern points
  • Magic Seed: Location field attack marker on all non-tanks
  • Magic Riot: Location field attack marker on all tanks
  • Wandering mark: a disk that damages the summons, causing continuous damage to the contactors

Instead of engaging the split-damage mechanic of the other bosses, who decide which teams can attack which target, only Hansel or Gretel can be damaged at any time, without attacking the other without consequence. Leave it for. Their vulnerability changes frequently, so take care to know when to switch targets.

Hansel and gretel bloody sweep attack

The main gimmick of this battle is tandem assault, which causes both targets to use the same attack with multiple shifts from two points on the arena. Outside of that, Hansel and Gretel both attack together with different moves, creating tense moments outside for the healer. The Well and Crippling Blow is a notable combo that gives the team a tough fight and makes the tank even tighter.

After the first instance of this heavily raid damage, Hansel and Gretel shoot to remove Tandem Assault. They will bend the front of the field and the flanks to share their next move (usually a bloody sweep), leaving a safe place in the center and south for the team to embrace.

Hansel and gretel breakthrough

They will swap it with other positional strikes such as a passing lance, (which leaves a safe location on the far side, where there are no central laser turrets) and a fight through the breakthrough. This last one is particularly scary, but to avoid it just embrace the northern or southern points.

As the battle progresses, you’ll have to contend with a laser disc from the wandering trail, reducing your path options even further. It pays to catch each attack early, as they are cast. The more time you have to respond, the better.

Red girl

Attack on red girl barrier

Move list

  • Cruelty: Causes massive damage to entire raid
  • Shockwave: places a colored field attack marker on some DPS players
  • Generate: Barrier: Creates colored walls that can be used to protect against attacks of the same color
  • Manipulated Energy: Location field attack marker on each tank
  • Child’s Play: The forces chased the target to walk in the indicated direction

Red Girl introduces the Black / White mechanic you need to know for the next fight. Simply put, the same colors are safe by themselves and are not antagonistic. The Red Girl summons black and white obstacles through fighting that will not protect you from attacks of the opposite color. Which is worth holding in mind.

However, before she kills the team with brutality, let you know that she can still do huge damage to the group, regardless of her ability to end her ranged attacks. Shortly afterwards, the first example of shockwave and colored barriers on DPS that can explode with these markers. The colored arrows will then litter the outside of the arena. Go behind a wall of the same color to avoid a hard hit.

When the Red Girl attempts to set up a square of obstacles in the center of the area, throw the colored marker on a wall of the opposite color to expel anyone from inside. Get behind any remaining cover to avoid the meteor crashing.

Red girl diffuse energy

The next big thing to watch is stacking seven small Red Girl enemies around the arena. Each added Diffuse Energy, which they would rotate in a 180-degree increment with a barrage of amphitheater. To identify a place, pay full attention to their starting position and direction of travel. If three are interlocked from the start, you will only need to change the position once to avoid too many.

At half HP, you’ll be thrown into a hacking minigame, where you’ll need to use two of your new abilities to deal damage and avoid damage. To avoid an attack, switch to the same color. To attack, switch to the opposite color of your target.

Once you are free from the hacking minigame, Red Girl grows up. very big. The last big thing to contend with now is child play. Like forcible marches in some other boss battles, anyone headed by Red Girl will be made to go in the direction she chooses with half of the arena. Position yourself such that if you exit an attack mark or a rotating attack will be chosen from its clone. To avoid clipping members of the chosen party, the target chosen for the forward side of the red girl’s arrow must not carry its own marker.

Red girl child play attack

And that’s what this fight is for. Things will be repeated until she comes down. Just be conscious of the color attacks and shed the idea that something that is usually attracted is a good thing. Not so when you need an intercept to protect yourself from a major attack.

False idol

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Move list

Step One: Wrong Idol Moves

  • Scream Score: Causes Massive Damage to Entire Raid
  • Made Magic: produces a central laser attack that travels clockwise or counterclockwise
  • Lighter note: Some players have place markers above them that diverge and travel in the direction of their arrows after use.
  • Deep note: the location area attack marker above each tank
  • Rhythm Rings: The lasers within the arena are attached to the front ring of the boss in the form of red colored ornaments.

Step two: he is swollen

  • Relaxation structure: pulls a building through half of the available arena space
  • Mixed signal: Signal signals travel through the arena through a green crossing light
  • Heavy Arms: Strikes the boss’s flank when his arms are wide or his front and back are if his arms are down.
  • Distortion: There is a colored ring around each player, which must face the same color ring when landing in the arena

Step One: False Idol Strategy

Fake quickly slams the team with a Screaming Score before attempting to burn the remaining portion of your HP with Idol Magic. This second step originates from a wheel and fires a laser before traveling either to the left or to the right, on which it rotates. This is a subtle strike to be sure. The lighter note comes out shortly after, a similar attack is dropped on each tank that breaks apart and travels over the area in a sign direction.

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She will soon begin to express her love of music, using Rhythm Rings to blast into the arena with lasers. It works by dropping red ornaments into the rings in front of it, so you will see that the laser will fire before it goes off.

These sequence of events will be repeated until Fake Idol hits 50% HP, at which point it will change to its Inflation. Like most other masters, she will fight on the arena from now on.

Step Two: Its Inflation Strategy

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In this phase, his swelling attacks from all angles – including the bottom – using most of the attacks from his previous phase. She will use the first structure, making the ground transparent, so that you can see that where she is summoning it will be a strike drawn below. Mixed signals by driving train trains through the arena. To avoid that one, walk in the path of the stop signal. After a while, the train will go to one side of the arena, taking out several red girls who will attack with red jewels.

Before the Red Girls appear in the drums, however, you have to deal with heavy arms. If she extends her rocky arms, be it behind or in front of her. If she puts them down, then do the opposite. Next, she goes to use the Pilar Impact, which summons large boulders at opposite corners. Note that the one who comes first and is knocked close to the next, narrowly avoids traveling away from the arena. Even after this, things are not safe. The structures will eventually be tilted in a random direction. Clear before falling.

His inflammation pillar impact attack

The last major mechanic to look at is distortion. In keeping with the theme of rhythm rings, each player gains a ring in both black and white. Based on this, turn under the ring of the same color in the center of the arena to face your ring, making sure to match them as they change.

This final phase would simply repeat until his swelling receded, spelling the end of the tower in Peradim’s breech, and NIER printed the trilogy as a whole.

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