FFVII Intergrade is PS5 Exclusive for at Least Six Months

Ffvii intergrade is ps5 exclusive for at least six months

According to the last trailer for Final Fantasy VII remake interviewThe upgraded RPG will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 for at least six months.

Original version of Final Fantasy VII Remake There was exclusive PlayStation for a year. Fans had hoped that a period or Xbox version would be announced, as the period was over once, but it is yet to happen. The new Respectively The description now casts even more doubt on the game coming soon on other platforms.

The game’s new trailer ends with a splash screen mentioning the game as a PS5 console exclusive. A slightly fine print specifies that it will be “available on the PS5 at least six months earlier than any other format.” It is specifically talking of new next-gen upgrades, so there is still a chance that the original version of the game may still hit Xbox.

The new Respectively The trailer shows tons of new footage for the game. In particular, there is a new version of this Final Fantasy VIIClassic Fort Condor Minigame. It is a turn-based strategy board game where players command an army of units and fight waves of enemies.

The trailer contains some surprising variants of the series’ past. Most notably, from the villain Nero dirge of Cerberus The spinoff title makes an appearance here. The classic Ramuh Saman is also performed.

Square Enix has also opened applications for this Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier closed beta. The beta will only be on Android devices, and Applications close 27 May.

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