Everything You Need To Know About GTA Online’s Update

Everything you need to know about gta onlines update

GTA Online The latest update just went live, and it is packed with new accessories to drive, explore and experience. It is called the Los Santos Summer Special, and also has an editor, allowing players to create their own open wheel races. Here are all the new items to watch:


Rockstar added 15 new vehicles to the update. “Two new open wheel cars, gas-gazing Dandrei Landstellar XL, new available upgrades from Legendary Motorsport to the futuristic Lampaditi Tigon supercar, Benny’s original Motor Works and more,” Rockstar said.

See the full list here:

  • Beneficiary BR8
  • Announce DR1
  • Legged tigos
  • Bf club
  • Canis Seminole Frontier
  • Dundary Landstalker XL
  • Imponator beater dukes
  • Maibatsu Penumbra FF
  • Albany Coax Custom
  • Beneficiary Glendale Custom
  • Bravado Gauntlet Classic Custom
  • Bravado Yuga Classic 4 × 4
  • Decales Yosemite Rancher
  • Vapid Peyote Custom

Modern sports shops now have 15 new types of off-road wheels, as well as 30 new street wheels and various new tire designs.

New co-op missions

Six new co-op missions are available with the update. Owners of the Galaxy Superyacht can host them by calling the captain from their ship’s bridge, or from their iFruit phone.

Missions can be played as singles or as an association with players, “embarking on nautical vengeance.”

From August 19, these new missions will purify the double awards, and those who host and complete all six missions will receive a nautical costume for their character.

New open wheel race track

Two new open wheel race cars make their debut with the update with a new open wheel race series, with nine new tracks ranging from “racing in the Land Act Dam to dodging turbines in the RON Alternates wind farm.”

Along with the gameplay there have been some updates: Now players can change their tires when they are in the pit, and the tires will show wear and tear. Another new feature involves ghosting players to other drivers when they either remain stationary for too long or go wrong on the course. For the rest of the week, players will receive a double prize on the open wheel race.

New race creator

Rockstar has added a race creator that lets players create their own custom tracks.

“The Open Wheel Race Creator offers over 60 new props, including racetrack archways, pit-stops, paddocks and more. Just keep an eye out for bits of twisted chassis and flying loose wheels – some hairpins can be a bit too tight, ”said the actor.

Fight new trade

The update includes resumed commercial battles, and so are the rewards.

Rockstar said, “Trek out to sea and make a cooperative attack on an inactive aircraft carrier before heading out for luggage, or to reach the nucleus and hack your way through one of the many factories and pay thick. -Day Earn, ”Rockstar said.

Through August 19, the player will receive a pink dot tech mask, among other prizes, if they win a trade fight.

The Diamond Advisory Series

The series includes eight competitive modes that take place exclusively in casinos and includes variations such as “outright competitive mayhem in every bullet count and slasher and everytest target and resection”.

This week, a player gets double prize from playing the series. The chain can be launched in two ways: through the Quick Job menu or in the updated bunker chain near the resort.

New collectibles

Two new arcade cabinets, Cube 3D and Fury’s X, have also been added, as well as a mission to collect 10 props stolen from a film executing office, for a special reward. There is also the ability to hunt low-level drug deals for new clothing items and prizes.

Prime Gaming

GTA players, who have linked their Prime Gaming accounts to social clubs, can earn a $ 200,000 bonus, along with other miscellaneous discounts on gear and vehicles.

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