Everything We Know About the Next Google Nest Hub

If there is one thing Google can speculate about, it is that new devices will be revealed on a regular basis – which is why rumors of the new Google Nest Hub came as no surprise to anyone. However, aside from rumors, information is a bit scarce.

We know a few things, or at least we can make solidly educated guesses based on the information available. When it comes to smart displays, we have seen the evolution of the category as they continue to show purpose in the home. In fact, they hold their own ground on smart speakers. Since the original Google Nest Hub release in 2018, the tech giant released its oversized sibling – the Google Nest Hub Max. This is everything we know about the next Google Nest Hub so far.

The design

Although the actual design and size on the hub may be different from what is currently on the market, chances are it will remain largely the same, with the majority of the screen space dominating. According to 9to5Google, sources say that the next model will hold the same design: an angled screen is attached to a base that acts as a speaker.

The reason for this is that Google has only rolled out more watch faces, including the option for full-screen watches. This type of display already appears on Lenovo smart watch, But is optimized for displays with screens larger than seven inches.

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This hints at the possible size of the new display screen, as well as what features may be available with it.

The original Google Nest Hub has a 7-inch display, so although the new design may look similar, there is a good chance that it may be larger in size, possibly to compete with the larger screen of the Amazon Echo Show 8.

New features

The new Google Nest Hub won’t be as much of a new entry for the lineup. If it lacks new features, will it be? One of the possible new features is a rumored new color – a light blue to match the color recently introduced by Nest Audio speakers.

A major change is the incorporation of three far-field microphones instead of the two previously held devices. These microphones ensure that your commands are heard by the hub. More microphones mean better clarity and understanding when you issue commands.

Everything we know about the next google nest hub
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Another rumored improvement is the improvement in audio quality. The current Google Nest Hub has enough audio quality for music, but it’s not something Audiophiles is ready to listen to. The new iteration may be able to replace it and present audio quality at least equally with Nest Audio speakers.

The last unanswered question is whether this next Google Nest Hub will offer a camera or not, as introduced by the Google Nest Hub Max. This is important to note because the current Nest Hub lacks cameras, so video calls are a one-way affair. We imagine that given the usefulness of the camera when it comes into communication, Google will bring this feature – as well as an unintended obstacle around the Nest Cam as a security camera.

Health and Welfare Integration

However, the true standout feature is the introduction of the Soli radar. Soli is a type of miniature radar capable of understanding human motion even on a minute scale, such as the tap of a finger. Soli first appeared in Google Pixel 4, allowing users to control the device via gestures.

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The inclusion of Soli with the Google Nest Hub may mean that gestures are under control, but one feature everyone agrees on is sleep tracking. Google has started rolling out health and fitness tracking with Google Assistant through Google Fit, and the introduction of the Soli radar with the hub can mean automated sleep tracking for users at night.

Many people already place their hubs in the bedroom, so sleep tracking seems like an obvious addition – especially when you consider the increased focus on health over the past year.

Price and availability

Google has not made any official announcement regarding price or availability; In fact, almost everything we know is the result of inside sources and leaks. With this in mind, rumors suggest that the device will arrive “sooner rather than later” with the same price as the current model.

The Google Nest Hub is currently priced at $ 90, with the Nest Hub receiving a much higher price with Max at $ 230. It is a safe assumption that the price of the previous model will decrease to make room for the new model, which will likely fall somewhere around the $ 150 range.

The recent Nest Audio Smart Speaker was a welcome addition to the Nest lineup, improving audio quality with an interesting and unique design that allows it to mix relatively well in almost any space. However, it is beyond time for a new iteration for the Nest Hub display lineup.

The date for the next Google event has not been announced. Google I / O would be the most likely time for an announcement, but no word has been given on whether the event will be held this year. The 2020 program was canceled due to a coronovirus epidemic.

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