1622064371 everything new in microsoft teams announced at build 2021

Everything New in Microsoft Teams Announced at Build 2021

The Microsoft team is usually a major attraction at Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference, and it happened again this year. A number of major updates were announced for the teams, which should be rolled out over the remainder of 2021, primarily for developers.

After launching the Teams app for the meeting last year, Microsoft is following up to give more opportunities to developers in the region. Developers are now able to build apps for the main stage in the meeting.

For you, this means more in-meeting experiences such as the whiteboard app and the project board app. Developers can also use the new Meeting Event API to automate meeting-related workflows in the team.

Other changes include the ability for developers to create new Together Mode views. Developers also have the ability to have real-time access to video streams for transcription, translation, note taking, insight gathering, and more.

Everything new in microsoft teams announced at build 2021

For the actual app-creation process, Microsoft is now rolling out a dedicated app-management console (now known as the developer portal for Microsoft teams) that is available via the web or within teams. It is for developers to register and configure apps within a single, central location.

Other developer-related changes to the team include new support for message extensions in Outlook on the Web. This makes it easier for developers to code an extension that works from Outlook and pulls information. Then, Teams and Outlook have adaptive CAD support, which allows developers to easily share user interface data across both Microsoft services.

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Finally, Microsoft Teams chat contains fluid components. With this developer feature, users can send a message with a table, action item, or a list that can be co-authored and edited by everyone in the line, reducing the need for long chat threads and meetings is.

Some other changes include the ability to purchase third-party app license subscriptions directly from the Microsoft Teams App Store and Teams admincenter. Microsoft also updated the Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio and Visual Studio code in the preview, so less code is required to build Teams apps.

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