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Earn Cash for Your Workouts With Paceline’s New Credit Card

Fitness tech startup Pacline is on a roll. Last year, the health and wellness company received $ 5 million in cash, which allowed it to expand its platform that encourages working. For individuals who lack motivation to exercise, this is a way to get them on board. Moving on from rewards and points, Celine is now partnering with Railbank to offer a fitness credit card.

Paclin made headlines with his unique approach to exercise. Instead of logging for miles and earning badges, Paclin members can turn their hard work into cold, hard cash. In the year since launch, Paceline users have logged 3.1 million workouts, totaling over 5 billion minutes.

Paclin members are rewarded for meeting the weekly exercise goal set by the American Heart Association. This guideline advises a person to exercise 150 minutes at least thrice a week. Even more rewards are available to those who maintain this streak for more weeks or months at a time. Users can earn rewards from high-profile retailers such as Amazon, Whole Foods, Nike and others. The company has given more than 100,000 awards totaling over $ 500,000 in its first year.

Paceline fitness app credit card

The company is moving beyond simple discounts on products and focusing on handing out cash to its users. The fitness platform is now offering a credit card that allows users to earn cash back on health and fitness purchases. Eligible users will earn a base amount in cashback rewards on all purchases. This amount increases when the user reaches the weekly fitness goal.

Paclin worked with California-based Railbank to develop the credit card portion of the service. The Railbank team used its financial expertise to integrate credit cards into Paclin’s health and fitness rewards system, including its mobile app.

Paceline is available on the iOS App Store. The app can connect to Apple Watch, Garmin fitness watches and Fitbit watches to track daily watchouts. Located in San Francisco, California, Paqueline was founded by now-CEO Joel Lenninger. Avid cyclist Lenninger came up with Paclin’s idea after a bike ride, triggering discussion of getting free coffee for his strenuous ride. Leininger knew that health insurance companies had welfare programs that reward customers. He ran with the idea and turned the concept into an independent mobile app with more than 50 participating brands and plans to develop it substantially in 2021.

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