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Dyson & Mane Addicts Support Salon Heroes + More Beauty News

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Which includes Diptyke’s new joy-sparking perfume.

Diptyke’s latest fragrance is here

Meet Orpheon, the latest fragrance release from Diptyque. Launched on 15 March, the ow de perfume is inspired by jazz clubs in Paris in the early 1960s. Notes of juniper berry, cedar, tonka bean and jasmine come together to create something that is warm, cheery and celebratory. And what we can’t use right about now? Its name, Orpheon, was one of the bars where the three founders of the nearby Diptyque boutique liked to meet for a drink.

Dyson and Mane Addicts team up to support the Salon Heroes affected by this challenging year

Mane Addicts, a hair trend brand founded by celebrity stylist Jane Atkin, has teamed up with Dyson to commemorate salon heroes affected by the COVID-19 epidemic last year. From this week, salon owners and stylists can present their stories, and 20 to 25 will be selected to receive Dyson products and be able to create content to live on Mane Addicts and Dyson platforms. Mane Addicts will also select five to eight winners who will be invited to a two Zoom Education panel hosted by A-list stylists Jane Atkin, Pekela Riley and Matthew Collins. We caught up with Atkin and Collins to chat about the initiative.

“Our goal is to inspire the industry to move forward,” Atkin says. “Mane Addicts and Dyson want stylists to feel empowered and inspired after being hit this past year.” It has certainly been a year unlike any other for everyone, and these stylists have come together to inspire their community to fight. “This is a very difficult year for a lot of hairstylists,” Collins says. He said, “Their entire livelihood is gone, leaving morale in the form of creatives emphasizing daily interactions with customers. We wanted to highlight the heroes who gave positivity and encouragement to others in such dark times Attempted. “Key takeaway? Positivity is key.” With so many industries, the salon industry was hit hard by COVID-19, “says Atkin.” But with 2020 behind us, the industry is in a complete rebound and recovery. Looking forward to. Of course, salons will rebuild and come back strong, but this is not something that will happen overnight. Just so you know [the industry] Will bounce back.”

Live Clean launches men’s deodorant

With summer just around the corner, it is time for the season to restore its deodorant collection. Everybody’s favorite clean drugstore beauty brand, Live Clean, has launched a line of just three men’s deodorants to complement the brand’s beloved women’s deodorant. The men’s line is available in three scents (Cool, Ocean and Sport) and is made of Sans aluminum and baking soda. 99% natural and plant-derived ingredients include soothing aloe and vitamin E, which is meant to keep itching and burning away. Of course, you should not stop the label of men and women from deodorant of your choice, so the scent you love, no matter which collection it is from.

The Channel Culture Fund has launched in support of innovators in the field of art

Launched on 17 March, the channel has unveiled its Global Culture Fund, an initiative that seeks to “champion equality of voice and give visibility to global game-changers at a time when art gives us an important sense of inspiration Sources provide and change the way we approach. See the world, “said Brand in a statement. The program includes the Channel Next Prize – individual artists’ prizes from € 100,000 to ten in music, dance, performance and visual arts. , Who are radically redefining their fields. “The Culture Fund represents Chanel’s belief in the central importance of personal creativity in driving innovation,” says Yana Peel, Global Head of Arts and Culture at the Channel. “At a time like this While we are making our way through complex new environments around the world, we know that artists generate transformative ideas that help us visualize the way forward. Chanel has always looked at the vitality of art. And championed progress, and we are now a cultural new Supporting tanners and path-breakers are expanding that tradition through the fund with a focus on what is happening next.

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