Dylan Minnette Defends “Underdressing” to Scream Event

Dylan Minnette (13) sharing reasons why he was not actually undermined at an event promoting the upcoming the Scream movie

On Saturday, January 8, actor 25 years old took to twitter A recent Los Angeles photo call for the fifth film in the series to set records after people criticized her fashion choices online. Dylan wore a bright blue shirt, black jeans and dress shoes while co-star Mason Gooding And Jack Quaid The event opted for suit, which was pulled from a proper premiere amid COVID-19 concerns.

“Totally demolished everyone for ‘underdressing’ me on the ‘Scream premiere red carpet’ … it wasn’t a premiere,” Minette tweeted, “Our premiere was (sadly) cancelled.”

The actor assured his fans that, if the premiere had not been cancelled, he would have dressed appropriately, adding, “Of course I would have dressed for the occasion of the premiere!!”

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