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Dropbox to Launch Free Password Manager, but There’s a Catch

Dropbox to launch free password manager but theres a catch

Dropbox is about to launch a free password manager, a service that helps you make online sites and services hassle-free.

Dropbox was announced on Tuesday, March 16 – the same day LastPass imposed some restrictions on the free version of its password manager, meaning some users would have to start paying for the service. Or look elsewhere.

Hoping to sweep some of LastPass’s disgruntled customers (or ex-customers), Dropbox is putting the word that its free password manager will kick off “in early April”.

But there is a catch. You can only store up to 50 passwords with the service. If you need to store more, you’ll need to fork over Dropbox Plus, Family, or Professional Plan, which includes other benefits as part of the company’s well-established online storage service.

Dropbox’s free password manager – introduced as part of the service’s original plan – will let you sync up to three devices, which can include a computer and a smartphone. This marks it with LastPass, which from this week only lets free users sync their password manager One Type of device. LastPass users who want to sync more than one type of device (ie mobile and PC) will now have to pay.

The question is, how many people have signatures taken for less than 50 sites and services that require a password? Okay, if it’s you, and you’re looking for a free password manager, then Dropbox’s offer seems a no-brainer.

Dropbox will release full information about the free version of its password manager in the coming weeks. If you want to know when it becomes available, tell Dropbox your email address and it will send you a notification.

If a password is a ban on your life, it means that you have yet to discover the benefits of using a password manager. has produced a list of the best password managers currently available, many of which include free plans (with restrictions, of course).

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