1616607567 dreame technologies launches ultra affordable robot vacuums

Dreame Technologies Launches Ultra Affordable Robot Vacuums

Dreamme Technology has announced the launch of a dream team of household cleaning equipment, just in time for spring cleaning (products will be available in May).

In a market saturated by many players, DreamAe Technology seems to be following a path similar to other home life companies such as Ufee and Robrock – both saw success by delivering ultra-inexpensive robot vacuums for the first time. With the launch of these new products, DreamA Technology is positioning itself as the next robot vacuum manufacturer that you should be aware of.

The Dream Bot L10 Pro is Dreamme’s new robot vacuum and mop one. With incredibly powerful suction, a brushless motor from Nidec, and four different suction modes, the L10 Pro should be able to handle any cleaning situation during its 2.5-hour runtime. The L10 Pro uses 3D environment mapping for advanced navigation, as well as intelligent object recognition and avoidance. In other words, the robot emptied from that lead cannot be saved in any way.

The L10 Pro can be controlled via Amazon Alexa, while its standard app allows you to plan routes and clean up specific areas. It boasts a 270ml water tank, giving it the ability to clean very large spaces. It also has smart water control. This means that it will not spray your carpet or rugs with water – it can detect when it is on hardwood and when it is not and spray appropriately. The L10 Pro can swap between vacuuming and moping at a moment’s notice, as well as allow for cleaning.

Dreame technologies launches ultra affordable robot vacuums

DreamAe is also releasing the DreamEye T30, which features a new cordless stick vacuum with an ultra-high-speed motor. A cordless stick vacuum is a great addition to emptying a robot, as it lets you clean areas that a robot vacuum cannot go through – such as ladders or small spaces.

Two other Dreamai bot models – the Z10 Pro and the W10 – are also slated for launch in the United States later this year, but the launch window and prices have not yet been finalized. The Z10 Pro claims better navigation over the L10 Pro as well as the auto-empty dustbin. The W10 can sweep, mop and vacuum a floor, and automatically soak dirty mops at the end of its cycle.

The Dreamai Bot L10 Pro will be available from May 1 with a promotional price of $ 360, after which its price will increase to $ 420. The DreamEye T30 will also be available on May 1st for $ 400, after which it becomes priced at $ 430.

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