Disney’s Funniest Villains

From the Grand Coquin fox in “Pinocchio” to the burglars Horace and Jasper in “101 Dalmatians”, take a look back at the 10 funniest antagonists of Disney animation classics.

Sometimes cruel, sometimes terrifying, and sometimes even traumatic, the great villains of Disney animated feature films also know how to be ridiculous, comical, hilarious. From Prince John in Robin Hood to burglars Horace and Jasper in 101 Dalmatians, to the irresistible Kronk in Kuzco, the Megalomaniac Emperor, take a look back at the 10 funniest villains from enchanted studios.

Prince John

Disneys funniest villains
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Beneath his evil looks, his greedy smile and his ruthless methods, this usurper – who does not hesitate to rob the poor to enrich himself even more – actually hides a real coward.

Victim of spectacular nervous breakdowns when Robin Hood comes to thwart his plans, this ugly sovereign doubled by the excellent Philippe Dumat begins to suck his thumb and to call his mother as soon as he feels threatened. Enough to make him perfectly ridiculous and even sometimes very funny, especially during his violent spats with his viscous subordinate: the irresistible Sad Sire!


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Walt Disney Animation Studios

Dangerous, aggressive and treacherous, this “ugly beast” goes completely mad as soon as it sees an egg on the horizon. However, as soon as she is in the presence of her master – the horrible poacher McLeesh – Joanna seems to lose all her aggressiveness and lets express all her comic potential. Cowardly, fearful and deliciously cowardly, she is undoubtedly one of the funniest characters in Bernard and Bianca in the land of kangaroos.

Big Rascal and Gideon

1642100349 531 disneys funniest villains
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Cunning, greedy and mischievous, these two hilarious characters will do anything to prevent Pinocchio from going to school (or more broadly from taking the right path). Armed with grotesque arguments, absurd explanations and occasional catchy refrains, these two accomplices do not hesitate to lie like tooth-pullers to achieve their goal. Stop making yourself completely ridiculous!

Captain Hook

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Walt Disney Animation Studios

When he no longer wears his scarlet frock coat, puts his saber away and miraculously escapes the merry jaws of the crocodile, the flamboyant captain of the Jolly Roger loses his presence considerably.

If he can occasionally be gloomy and terrifying, Hook – with the help of Mr Mouche, his hilarious second knife – is without any problem among the funniest of all Disney villains. Constantly humiliated by the tricks of Peter Pan, this poor pirate always pays a high price for his crimes.


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Walt Disney Animation Studios

Endowed with a solid sense of humor and a mythical vocal timbre – that of Dominique Collignon-Maurin, also known to double Nicolas Cage – the god of the underworld is a villain with many facets. Traitor, liar, manipulator and plotter, Hades is also an incorrigible gambler, whose infernal outbursts against his poor servants are often accompanied by a facetious second degree. Something to somewhat disturb the naivety of Hercules.

Yzma and Kronk

1642100352 878 disneys funniest villains
Walt Disney Animation Studios

It has often been repeated, Kuzco, the Megalo Emperor is arguably one of the funniest movies ever made by Disney studios. And Kronk, the irresistible bodyguard voiced by Emmanuel Curtil, is most likely the cherry on top of this hilarious cake.

Infinitely less endearing than him, the horrible Yzma, whom he is responsible for protecting throughout the feature film, nevertheless remains hilarious too. Perpetually humiliated and restrained in her Machiavellian plans – often, moreover, by Kronk’s incompetence – she participates in forming this legendary duo with him.

Javotte and Anastasia

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Walt Disney Animation Studios

Jealous, envious, and completely spoiled rotten, Cinderella’s two older half-sisters are mostly hilarious. Whether they’re practicing to sing, getting ready for the ball or fighting like rag pickers, these two scumbags constantly make us howl with laughter. Except maybe when they decide to ruin their poor whipping boy’s evening by tearing up her best dress.


1642100353 873 disneys funniest villains
Walt Disney Animation Studios

His only fault was ultimately – after an entire existence of good and loyal service – to seek to appropriate the miraculous inheritance of his boss, who wanted to reserve all of her fortune for a family of cats. If he could be treacherous in his quest for wealth, the poor butler has above all succeeded in covering himself with ridicule from the first to the last second of the Aristocats, and for our greatest pleasure!

Jafar and Iago

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Walt Disney Animation Studios

Most of the time, it will be hard to call the dastardly Grand Vizier Jafar a comic character. Yet when he comes face-to-face with his dimwitted underling – a hilarious parrot named Iago – this loathsome character is suddenly likely to make us burst out laughing.

Thanks to this hilarious duo of antagonists and the extraordinary powers of the Genie on our zygomatics, Aladdin is also one of the funniest Disney classics of all time.

Horace and Jasper

1642100355 620 disneys funniest villains
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Behind the menacing furs of the horrible Cruella, there are these two burglars. Competing in stupidity, clumsiness and rudeness, Horace and Jasper – who could simply be described as “dumb and mean” characters – will therefore be easily fooled by the ingenuity of the 101 Dalmatians.

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