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Disney Can Control How Wet Guests Get on Splash Mountain

If there is one attraction at Disney World that can leave Guests dripping in water, it is Splash Mountain. But have you ever wondered why sometimes, you exit the attraction soaking wet, and other instanced, you can skirt by bone dry? Well, there is a reason for that.

Splash mountain drop
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One moment can cause Guests to get more or less wet during their ride on Splash Mountain, and that all depends on timing. When Guests curve around the outside bend of the mountain, if their boat parallels the drop when another boat goes down the final fall, the burst of water could leave Guests a lot more wet than those who miss that moment.

That being said, there is a way that Disney can control how wet Guests can get when they ride Splash Mountain, as the final drop splash cannons can be maneuvered in both direction and water output. If you have ever wondered why you may come off the attraction soaking wet in July, but on a chilly December day, you are not as wet, that is because Disney alters the amount of water the cannons exude.

Splash mountain
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In the past, Disney has also changed the direction in which the cannons face. As Guests may recall, the bridge right in front of the final drop used to be a lot wetter, but now, the cannons do not spray out that way.

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If we travel overseas to Tokyo Disneyland, Guests will experience a similar situation. When that version of Splash Mountain was created, Disney believed that the Guests would not want to come off the attraction soaking wet, so they made sure the cannons were movable. It turns out Disney was wrong! Park Guests loved getting wet, so the cannons were moved again to point at the Guests.

Splash mountain concept art
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Disney has announced that Splash Mountain will be reimagined to Princess and the Frog, but as the attraction will still be a water flume ride, it is likely that the ride system and water cannons will remain intact. That being said, any change is possible as no new announcements have been made as of yet.

So next time you ride Splash Mountain, you can thank Disney for leaving you soaking wet or, at times, quite dry!

Have you ever experienced two different Splash Mountain rides, one in which you got very wet and another where you did not?

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