Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen: Seasonal and Weekly Challenges (Week 3)

Destiny 2Chuna season changes how seasonal challenges and weekly rewards work, making it easier for players to actually complete everything. Instead of tracking weekly matches, players will now meet between three and 10 weekly challenges every Tuesday for the first 10 weeks of the season.

Here are all the weekly challenges for the season of the season for three weeks.

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Destiny 2 season of the chosen seasonal and weekly challenges

Bungie has faced weekly challenges in Season of the Chuna. Weekly bounces are now weekly challenges, and you will have access to them for the duration of the season. If you miss some challenges, or if you take some time off, you can still complete them before the season of The Chunna ends on May 11.

There will be 75 total weekly challenges in the first 10 weeks of Chuna’s season, which will set you up to collect Cabal Gold for the Hammer of Proving, calibrate elemental weapons on some planets, and more. Each challenge rewards XP, at least, although others may include symbols, weapons, and / or bright dust. A few select challenges affect the reputation of the War Table, allowing you to upgrade the Helm of Proving to HELM.

You don’t need to do anything to start weekly challenges. Inside the Quests panel in your Director, you will see the weekly challenges listed along with your progress. Just complete the challenge, claim it in the Quests panel, and the rewards are yours. You do not need a season pass to use weekly picks, although some require you to complete the activities available only to season pass holders.

Some challenges persist even between weeks. For example, the week has a Golden Reaper challenge, where you need to collect 100 Cabal Gold. Week two has the same challenge, but requires 200 cabl of gold. Your progress in these types of challenges varies between weeks.

In addition to the prestige of awards and war tables, the Master of All will complete the seasonal challenge, completing all 75 weekly challenges. This is the only seasonal challenge at the time of writing, and for this you have to face all the weekly challenges. For your effort, you will be rewarded with a large pile of Bright Dust.

Chuna Season: Weekly Challenges

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Below, we have listed the challenges for each week of Season of the Chuna, along with some suggestions for completing them. If you need to jump in a particular week, use the link below.

week one

Weekly challengeTo requirementsAward
Contender’s accent
  • Complete the challenger’s proving quest
  • Defeat 75 Kabbal enemies with rocket launchers
  • Code duelo
  • The queen
  • Battle Table Reputation (Medium)
Golden reaper
  • Battle Table Reputation (Medium)
Crash and Convergence
  • Five tribute chest booty
  • Focus on season five of the chosen season
  • Battle Table Reputation (Medium)
Lens in focus
  • Play Battleground Playlist to unlock your first lens
Aspiring challenger
  • Complete three weekly challenges
  • Full reward, patrol, public events and / or lost territories on Europa
Hail of bullets
  • Destroying Kinetic Weapons on Europa (losing bonus progress in lost territories)
Dredgin ‘Victory
  • Complete Gambit Match (Award wins progress)
Power flow
  • Beat 50 parents in melee
Domination Operations: Fall
  • Defeat in Strike (Difficult Enemy Rewards Bonus Progress)

Week one is very straightforward. After completing the Challenger process, we recommend going to Battleground’s playlist first. This will automatically complete the lens in focus and give you a start to defeat 75 cabal enemies. Then, gambit, cycle through the crucible, and collect your cabal gold and complete the three challenges below.

By then, you should have some Hammer Charge (make sure to put a symbol in the Hammer of Proving between each Battleground match), allowing you to complete the Crash and Converge. After that, it is only a matter of cleaning up some enemies on Europa for the Icebound and Challenger aspirations. Week one is easy, so you should have no problem completing all 10 challenges.

Week two

Weekly challengeTo requirementsAward
Contender’s accent
  • Complete Challenger’s Proving II
  • The queen
  • Battle Table Reputation (Medium)
Golden reaper
  • Battle Table Reputation (Medium)
Crash and Convergence
  • 10 tribute chest booty
  • Focus 10 season angina
  • Battle Table Reputation (Medium)
they are big
  • Beat 60 cabal elites or bosses
Tinker test
Chose cosmonaut
  • Full bounty, patrol, public events and / or lost areas at the Cosmodrome
Expose elements
  • Calibrate the elemental weapons in the Cosmodrome
Drifter’s Chosen
  • Earn 250 points in Gambit by killing banking dots, blockers and defeating invaders
Entertain lord shankar
  • Full match in shutdown playlist (wins prize bonus progress)
Domination Operations: Cabell
  • Beat five cabal bosses in attacks

The established pattern continues in week two to week one. The first three challenges have been facing challenges for over a week, and your progress is moving forward. The Battleground is still a great place to start, allowing you to tackle The Big Egger and Crash and Converge. From there, gambit, cycle through the crucible, and rack up some Kabal Gold to complete the three challenges below.

However, before doing so, Halmers heads to the helm to choose Proving II. Like the week one quest, it is a short and straightforward one, and it will give you a good start on other weekly challenges.

Week three

Weekly challengeTo requirementsAward
Contender’s accent
  • Complete Challenger’s Proving III
  • Xp
  • The queen
  • Battle Table Reputation (Medium)
Golden reaper
  • Xp
  • Battle Table Reputation (Medium)
Crash and Convergence
  • 15 tribute chest booty
  • Focus 15 Frontier Energy Season
  • Xp
  • Battle Table Reputation (Medium)
Captain’s log
  • Search all five clues in press search
Failsafe forward
  • Full reward, patrol, public events and / or lost areas on the ness
Challenger Apogie
Algorithm precision
  • Calibrate weapons with precise final blows on Nessus
Vogue entourage
  • Defeat in Gambit (Tough Enemy Rewards Bonus Progress)
Iron accelerates iron
  • Complete Iron Banner Match (Wins Prize Bonus Progress)
Challenge our enemies
  • Complete five playlist attacks

Week three is about Nessus, echoing the challenges from the first two weeks in a different location. The Golden Reaper, Contender’s Ascent, and Crash & Converge reappear, so make sure to HELM and complete the quest before grinding out the Battleground playlist. Otherwise, play PvE on Nevus and participate in playlist activities, and you shouldn’t have too many problems.

The oddball is the captain’s log. This challenge references the press exotic quest that rewards the Dead Exotic Scout Rifle of the Dead Man. After playing through, return to the quest and hunt the five logs to complete the challenge.

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