1622174246 destiny 2 how to unlock and complete the expunge mission

Destiny 2: How To Unlock and Complete the Expunge Mission

Erase is the latest activity Destiny 2 Spicer’s season. It spreads on the VX network displayed through override activity and is based on a story set during the first three weeks of the season.

However, it is slightly different from the previous season’s foreign exploration. To get you started on the right foot, here is everything you need to know about expunge, how to unlock it, and how to complete the first mission – expunge: labyrinth.

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What is expanse in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 how to unlock and complete the expunge mission

Expanse is a multi-week search Destiny 2Spicer’s season. The quest sends you into a series of riddles, platforming, and combat through the Vex network, and it advances the story from season one. There are some weekly challenges for erasing missions, so it is worth playing through them.

The third week brought the first evacuation mission, and Bungie is expected to release new missions every Tuesday from week three to eighth.

Weeks three, four, and five will have a glittering expansion: Labyrinth, Styx and Tartarus, respectively. After that, there will be “corrupt” versions of each mission. These missions have special chests that you can unlock only with a specific keycode in the splicer gauntlet. The final mission will obviously be Delphi, which should appear in the final two weeks of the season.

How to unlock expanze

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The first expanse mission arrived during the third week of Spicer’s season, but you can’t start it immediately. You must reach and complete the third stage of the path of the splicer quest before unlocking the expunge: Labyrinth – the first weekly mission for the season.

If not already, go to HELM and talk to Splicer Servitor. Depending on where you are in season, you may find some different quests here, but you need to complete the path of Splicer III. In just 20 minutes, it’s worth it, and you’ll check out a seasonal challenge and earn some seasonal gear.

After completing the quest and cracking a conflux chest – be sure to prepare an override key code in advance – return to the splicer servitor to complete the quest. This will give you new codebreaker splicer technology and unlock the expunge: labyrinth mission. It is located in Tangled Shore, and you can launch missions directly from the map.

Expulsion is more difficult than other seasonal activity, overrides. The recommended power level is 1,290, and you can bring up to two other friends with you. If this is your first time or you are around the recommended power level, you may want to assemble a fire team beforehand.

Removals: Labyrinth Rehearsal

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Unlike the Exotic Exotic mission from the Season of the Chaos, the expanse in the Season of the Splicer will last for several weeks. However, the mission structure is similar. It begins with a small crowd of enemies and, eventually, a series of platforming and puzzle challenges before being introduced to a boss.

Before you begin, be sure to equip any anti-barrier mods you have. Expulsion: The maze features Barrier Champions. Also, choose a signal booster and wirewalker upgrade for your splicer gauntlet. You can get through missions without them, but together, they will open new platforms and unlock shortcuts throughout the mission.

The mission begins with some tight platforming via the VX network. This section is fairly straight, but be careful not to get crushed by the moving walls.

You will eventually reach an area where you have to make a big jump down a long shaft. Platforming tightens here. Keep an eye on thin platforms with a bright stripe to see where to go next. You must take several leaps of faith, but each platform can be reached.

After some platforming and some enemy encounters, you have to accumulate a data spike. A group of arch enemies explode on impact, waiting to take you down. Avoid them when you are still holding a data spike. Do this two more times, and you’ll reach the boss: Fantis, the operative mind.

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Fantis is a Minotaur boss with terrible purpose. Before going into a boss fight, make sure to activate the Signal Booster panel just outside the arena (this makes the fight a lot easier). Take it to the Phantis to reduce your health by a third. After he leaves, it will create a shield and two additional enemies. Each of these enemies has a data spike, which you must accumulate at one of two locations outside the boss’ field.

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This is where the signal booster comes in. Normally, you have to jump across a series of vanishing platforms, but if you activate the panel, you can use the launch pad to bring it to the submission point. There is also a launch pad to make it back, but be sure to jump on it from above. You will instantly die by hitting the floor next to the launch pad.

And all. Repeat the process three more times and the fantasy will collapse.

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