David Kindness


During his more than six years of experience in the fields of corporate financial accounting, individual and corporate tax strategy, and financial statement preparation and analysis, David has developed a reputation for technical expertise, strategy creation and implementation, and the ability to distill complex financial concepts down to terms any client or reader can digest. David has assisted complex multimedia, manufacturing, rental & realty, and digital marketing companies in the development and management of their accounting, financial, and taxation strategies to ensure the financial growth and operational success of the business.

David also has years of experience with banking and debt management, personal financial strategies, home buying and mortgage origination, retirement planning and long-term investing strategies, cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges, entrepreneurship, and economics. He lives and works in these areas of expertise daily, and has assisted numerous individuals with developing financial strategies that both fit their immediate needs and and work towards long-term financial goals. David understands the need for individuals and companies to develop a working understanding of the complex financial and accounting landscape we live and operate in daily.


David earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California. Before transferring to PLNU, David spent one year studying Business and Economics at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington.

Quote from David Kindness

“Building wealth is as much about humble patience as it is about knowledgeable boldness. Be patient, invest for the long term, develop an understanding of risk, and gain knowledge by learning and thinking for yourself. Very few financial advisers consistently out-earn the market in the long term.”

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