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Control: The Best Ability Upgrades to Spend Your Points On

Control First came out in 2019, but is together again ultimate Edition Increases all DLC and performance for new consoles. What has not changed is the fact that this paranormal third-person shooter is far from an easy game. You need to use your morphing service weapon and telekinetic capabilities in tandem to succeed, and this is only possible when you upgrade your capacity to the maximum. Different from the mod that applies to Jessie and his weapon, the ability upgrades allow you to enhance several attributes using points gained through normal play. But where should you spend these points? We will show you with us Control Capacity Upgrade Guide.

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Ability upgrade is essentially a “skill tree” Control. As you move through the story and engage in major missions, you will be awarded upgrade points that can be spent on your stats enhancements. These are not the same as mods, and they are tier, meaning that the fifth upgrade you get in a category can only be unlocked after unlocking the first four. You cannot unlock new ability upgrades everywhere. Instead, you will need to go to a control point, which serves as fast travel destinations. Control.

Unlike the mod, you will not need additional resources for skill upgrades. If you are facing problems in a specific area, then this will make the process of increasing capacity for JC much simpler and faster. Nevertheless, elevation points are not particularly abundant. This indicates that you will need to prioritize which upgrades you desire, and identifying the most appropriate ones to focus on will make that a whole lot easier.

The ability upgrade is another benefit to open, and includes your mod. As you proceed with the spending points, a progress bar at the bottom of the upgrade screen will be filled. The first level of unlock will grant you an additional weapon form slot. Then, the other two others will complement the mod spot. We suggest you make sure that you have some excellent mods ready when you can equip them.

Which capacity upgrades should you focus on?

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If you use a different game-style that you might want to use Control, You can easily customize your capacity upgrades to accommodate it. We centered around a mobile and aggressive build through our play, rarely staying in the same place for a few seconds. Because of this, skills such as shield were not beneficial. Below, we’ve listed some capability upgrades that we think you should unlock first Improve your chances of survival.

  • Health: Each open tier gives you extra total health. Are important in health upgrading Control And if you are open enough here you can remove a health-focused mod.
  • Energy: Not very important as health, but you use energy for everything from throwing objects. Every little fight lets you defeat the enemies in battle.
  • launch: Increases the amount of damage to your launch ability. this is Important To focus on this early, as it will allow you to kill weaker enemies without the need for your gun as a follow-up attack. An optional unlock will let you throw missiles back at enemies.
  • Seize: The amount of time increases an enemy will be in your control and can take away Jesse’s pressure in a busy fight.

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