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Consumer Tech Trade Shows Are Changing For the Better

Did giant consumer electronics trade shows like Mobile World Congress, CES and IFA have their days? Looking at the tantrum shown towards MWC 2021, the fast-contact person, it seems, even though the organizers have not yet fully accepted it.

There are early signs that companies that want to participate are looking to change, and should this continue, the people who need attendance will also change. Due to this, next year we may see smaller, less flashy, more business-based events as organizers begin to acknowledge how the world has changed since early 2020, and understanding earlier mega gatherings is less desirable and It makes less sense than before.

MWC 2021

The Mobile World Congress 2020 was canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic, but the organizers promised to be back in 2021, and of course, enough GSMA – the industry group behind the incident – one person from 28 June to 1 July – Will conduct the program. The show is expected to have 50,000 viewers and has published a list of worrying standard health and safety precautions to prevent the show from becoming a cause of coronovirus infection.

People roaming around at mobile world congress

Not all companies are convinced that it is worth the expense or risk to participate, and an echo of last year’s exodus ahead of the show, Nokia, Sony, Ericsson, Oracle, and now Google have announced that they will be in Barcelona for MWC , Will not travel to Spain. this year. Google’s departure is a setback. For anyone who has not attended MWC, Google has added a lot of fun to the show with extensive, interactive indoor and outdoor booths and exhibition venues, and even an ever-popular collection of collectible pins for attendees Is the line.

It is unlikely that these will be the last companies to exit the show, as there are still a few weeks left before the event starts. However, instead of killing the show, the reshuffling of companies’ performance may be just a sign, and the associated landscape is changing. GSMA quickly filled Ericsson’s location at the event, selling it to a company called Telcador. What is interesting is that Telcoder does not have a conventional product. It is a consultancy that advises telecom companies on how to exploit the cloud and is absolutely business-focused.

TelcoDR writes about participating in the MWC, “We at MWC Barcelona are changing the conversation from ‘has beans’ to ‘changing new disclaimers'”. Instead of the usual suspects on the list of participating companies, it is just as possible that the trade show itself is-done, as it and others shy away from welcoming large-scale companies and huge product launches, and There are companies like Telcador, which are more about influencing the industry from a business point of view.

Should this happen, MWC would later become less attractive to consumer electronics brands and the press alike.

It’s never been about the press

The media never attended MWC, or any other trade show. The operative word is “business,” and the majority of people in these shows are “business” people. Media is still an integral part of the trade show experience, but it is not the primary reason at these shows, and as many companies have come to know, press needs are equally and (sometimes even better) outside. Can also be served. Show yourself

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Samsung is a good example. It has held an MWC press event for some time now, where the latest products have been shown outside the show at a different location. Not only that, but it’s very differentiating the day and date of doing so over the past few years, to the point where its initial year announcements don’t really match up with MWC at all. It still joins MWC, but the media has usually already seen it all. Why? Because MWC is not about the press, it is about business.

Samsung’s treatment of MWC is not unique. Apple does not like to hold its events locally, while Huawei – a major MWC attendee – also traditionally hosts an offsite press event. As a member of the press, I often spend an equal or sometimes greater amount of time on events spread around the city of Barcelona, ​​not on the MWC show floor.

Many consumer electronics companies have been taking temporary steps in this direction for some time, and now there can be very positive changes by focusing on smaller, more localized, and potentially hybrid events that are more than ever to fully embrace Inspiration. Media attention reduces costs and the environmental impact of participating in many large-scale industry shows.

Change at all levels

Barring this city-wide activity, this would affect GSMA’s efforts to control the spread of any coronavirus during the MWC this year, also showing how different media needs are for other participants of the show. If brands such as Samsung and Huawei decide not to showcase new consumer products in Barcelona at MWC, and occupy the spaces left by established industry companies like Ericsson, a business-led consultancy like Telcador, to the media It is no less important.

Hybrids – a combination of in-person and online – work well for media. We get all the important information, can and do arrange interviews, and in most circumstances get our hands on the products as well. In other words, we can still do our work. While the search for the trade show floor will miss out, anyone who has been at MWC or CES over the years will tell you that it has become very difficult to uncover hidden gems, as media outreach has improved, and younger Companies have been priced to showcase these huge events.

A reduction in the need for more than 100,000 people all in a single event, and an increase in small, local hybrid events could help companies meet any new, epidemic-driven sustainability goals, including making cuts. Business air travel. If future MWC and other earlier giant trade shows become more important for the media to attend and trade, then companies will not need to build, maintain and send employees to huge booths for many people whose value. There may be millions of dollars.

The responsibility

We will not see the last of our type as an example of Erickson’s departure and the opportunity of Telcoder. Even if organizers like GSMA or cities like Barcelona want to believe it, the event space has changed, companies’ agendas are changing, and people in and out of shows like MWC are changing.

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Messe Berlin

If such a reshuffle occurs at global trade fairs like MWC, that doesn’t mean they’ll always be small – the messaging app line’s hybrid event in late 2020, by the largest number of attendees – or any less significant Was, that means they will just look different, and appeal to a different group of people.

Consumer technology companies that make the biggest impact are slowly distancing themselves from the show for some time. They receive better, and more meaningful coverage from the media, in an environment completely under their control. Sure, I’ll miss the excitement and social aspect of the show, but as long as I still have my work to do, I’m happy to accept that it makes sense to do a new way of doing things, less so. At least some time.

By vigorously acknowledging events such as MWC, CES and IFA so that they can quickly and mislead that the old ways of doing things are short-sighted and driven by money, especially when it is clear companies and people as a whole Are not ready yet return to them. If “new disruptions” are really jumping on board, then this is the right time to interrupt the show, the way it has been organized, and really need to participate fully.

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