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It’s time we set our sights on the Italian/American luxury shoe empire that’s created some of the most impressive trainers in recent years. Let’s take a look at the trainers that Kanye’s been raving about since 2007, it’s Common Projects.

Simple elegant style, that’s what Common Projects have in their minimalist shoes. With so many people desperate for these high end trainers we think it’s worth taking a look at the history and let you know where you can get hold of a pair.

Common Projects Trainers

The creative duo behind Common Projects,Flavio Girolami and Peter Poopat are responsible for creating some of the most stylish and sought after trainers on the market today. If you love your trainers minimal and meticulously crafted then you don’t need to look much further than Common Projects.

The iconic golden serial number on each trainer represents the colour, size and article number but is not permanent. It can be rubbed off if you like your trainers to look completely untouched.

Common Projects Achilles

The Achilles is the ultimate in minimalist footwear, a velcro ‘Three Strap’ variety was also recently released if you’re not big on laces. Minimal designs are extremely easy to style, perfect for any man with not a lot of time on his hands.


  • Gold stamp serial number on each shoe.
  • Made from hand stitched Italian leather.
  • A rubber sole for grip.
  • Leather interior linings.
  • Simple lace up or velcro strap.


A relatively new addition to the world of trainers, Common Projects create stunning pieces using Italian leather. Their original intention was to create the ‘perfect’ trainer and initially began the company with just one trainer and that was the Achilles. Since then they’ve gone on to create more varieties in a range of colours.

Their success is partly down to the fact that men have the ability to shop for themselves online and they value the high quality products that Common Projects produce. These trainers aren’t for the gym, they’re for men who appreciate looking good and want to avoid too much branding or fuss on their shoes.



Original Release Date


Original Model Name




Key Drop Variations

Common Projects Achilles Low

It’s hard to beat the original, their attempt at the perfect trainer, what’s not to love? These simple sneakers were once only available in Black, grey and white but now come in a range of colours.

Common Projects Achilles High

The high top is Common Project’s take on a classic look, unlike the Bball high top these keep their simplicity and give a little more ankle support.

Common projects black leather high-top achilles

Common Projects Achilles Mid

The mid maintains their simplistic elegant design and is for those who don’t want to commit to a high top but want something different to the usual low top look.

Common projects achilles mid

Common Projects Bball Low

The Bball low has a chunkier sole and adds some pattern to the upper. It has more character than the standard low top with it’s added bulk.

Common Projects Bball High

An understated take on the usually outlandish basketball shoe. With a perforated toe and round laces the Bball high, although striking to look at is probably not found on many basketball courts.

Common projects bball high

White Common Projects

White trainers have a place in every man’s sneaker collection. The White Common Projects are the perfect choice for anyone who wants a simple trainer that goes with everything.

Common projects original achilles low

Black Common Projects

Nothing pulls an all black outfit together quite like a pair of black trainers and the Common Projects are a great choice for anyone who values well made, hand stitched products.

Where to buy a pair of Common Projects Achilles

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