Clutch bags

Clutch Bags – Carry On With Style

Clutch Bags: A clutch bag is a bag without handles, carried as an evening bag by the lady. Heavily-strapped, ideal for a short evening out, they are also popular among women who like to go to a party after work. It gives a graceful finish to the six-page outfit and leaves the impression that the woman is elegant and stunningly sexy.

As these bags are all about attitude, it’s not surprising that they are in vogue on the world’s fashion scene. They have been in vogue for decades now, the seat of style and chic. Clutch bags often feature tassels, glitter, sequins and exotic details that are all there to add funk to the bag itself. Get ready to be dressed to the nines.

They are often a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe. After all, aren’t they the ones that started the whole retro trend? They are the ones that give that punchy kick to otherwise-suspect outfits. And yes, they are that much fun!

Clutch bags
Clutch bags

A clutch bag’s edgy charisma is increasingly getting noticed, particularly when showcased by Hollywood celebs like Eden Park’s Victoria Beckham and Catherine’s Bud battle as they hit the red carpet at A-listers events. Fashion experts say that this kind of bag is a sure winner if you choose the right one.

Flirty clutches

This season, flirty and fun is the look to sport. That means not stodgy and definitely not safe. Flirty clutches come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Textured clutches add a more exotic look to the mix; however, you generally recommend that you go for a sequenced or beaded clutch to avoid looking overly edgy.

They’re quirky little bags, and sometimes, they even double as an opportunity to showcase your own special personality. What better way to do that than to go all out with an ensemble that’s feisty and bold?

Regardless of the occasion, there’s always that flirty, romantic vibe to squeeze inside. It’s no wonder flirty are hitting the fashion scene. (After all, who else could honestly say ” anecdotic”?) If you’re going all out, try matching a clutch with a gorgeous pair of overly exotic, richly-coloured earrings. And don’t forget those delectable little details: beaded or bejewelled charms adorning the front of the bag will work wonders for a slightly more reserved look. At the same time, subtle laces or diamantes can give you an entirely different vibe altogether.

Other fun tips:

Try matching a sequenced clutch with a slightly older, slightly shabby dress; nothing says “old” like an elderly aunt’s closet. If you don’t have the right dress, try something in green or purple.

Or if all else fails, carry a big, old-fashioned quilt covered in polka dots somewhere, and you’re bound to catch the eye of anyone who passes by!

The great thing about flirty is that they are both classy and fun. They can bring a shower of multi-colours wherever you go. And instead of being ugly looking, flirty are now becoming the colourful fabric of choice.

Not only are they catching on, but so are other small pieces: scarves, large beaded jewelry, even beanies, which were once considered nerdy. What’s more, flannel is now being made in retro colours like neon green and aqua blue, which are big this year.

Flannel has been outwash by other textiles, however. Lately, it has been made into up to four different but coordinated textiles: a thick, dense wool flannel, a thin cotton-like flannel, a linen-like flannel, and lastly, a plain, weave flannel.

Flannel has been outgaining other textiles due to its comfort. Flannel is so comfy, you can have it on for $39.95, and it’s per Today’sPrice calculate at $65.00, put it close to the price of evening dresses.

Just what is it about flannel?

Flannel suits were the wool’s ability to deter sweat but deodorize quickly, and the cotton, which has the speed to dry and takes the strain in holes, is super laundry. It can pull any colour from stains, but it’s super stain-resistant too.

And I think that’s included in the price. Flannel is good for you, to keep you warm. Flannel is a general all-around washable fabric. It’s All-American near-do-everything fabric, which makes you want to scream and dance all-American outside while you’re wearing them (especially coloured ones, like red.

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