Chrissy teigen and kris jenner launch cleaning products brand safely scaled

Chrissy Teigen and Kris Jenner Launch Cleaning Products Brand Safely

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Teigen, together with Chris Jenner, has created its own home-grown plant line and new line of self-care products.

Chrissy Teigen and Chris Jenner want to help keep their house clean.

The author of the cookbook and the Kardashian-Jenner Matrich team up for a new line of plant-operated cleaning and self-care products called Safely, The people Revealed yesterday. Starting at $ 6 USD, the collection includes a range of gentle products such as glass cleaners, hand sanitizers, hand soaps and a universal cleaner, all scented with natural aromatherapy oils. According to the brand’s Instagram, at least the green and white containers are reused thanks to refill kits that will also be available.

According to The people, Teigen and Jenner have partnered with Emma Grede, co-founder of Khul Kardashian’s fashion line Good American, to launch the line.

To announce their new project, the duo released a hilarious Insta video. “I want my own product line because, honestly, everybody already has one – I also have one,” Teigen Quip. “But for my next talk, I would like some help from the branding master myself, Chris Jenner.”

Jenner then speaks to the camera, saying: “I’m really excited to partner with Chrissy – I hope his ideas aren’t really dumb.”

For comedy, Teejan arrives with a host of bad ideas – such as “pre-chewed” spaghetti and son-in-law Repellent – that Jenner safely rejects before embarking on the concept. “We should create a line of super-effective cleaning products – plant-based – that are safe enough for the whole family,” Jenner explains. “And we can also use them to wash our hands.”

As Teagan mentions in the video, this is not his first product line; She already has her own collection of cookware and tableware, which she named in her cookbook, Craving. (The PS popular Home Goods line has just been introduced for the first time in Canada, available exclusively in the Bay.) But it is For the first time he is working on a business project with someone in the Kardashian-Jenner family, who he is a long-time friend of (he is also BFFs with his go-hairstylist, Jane Atkin!). According to stir, Teigen and Kim Kardashian met on a double date in 2010 and have been pulse ever since – Kim and Chris also on Chris and husband John Legend’s 2018 holiday, A Legendary Christmas with John and Chris.

Jenner has, of course, helped her children launch their own brands, like Kylie’s Cosmetics, and has reportedly filed a trademark for a beauty line of her own, though she hasn’t officially announced any plans is.

Is safely launched online on 25 March. There is no word yet on whether the products will move to Canada, but we will update this post with the latest news.

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