1621500791 check out this new flying taxi design from volocopter

Check Out This New Flying Taxi Design From Volocopter

Check out this new flying taxi design from volocopter

Volocopter is celebrating 10 years in the electric-aircraft business, unveiling a new design called Voloconnect.

The electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (EVTOL) vehicle will connect the suburbs and cities, carrying four passengers on a journey of up to 62 miles (100 km).

An animation (below) released by Volocopter this week shows what a 112-mph (180-kmph) aircraft will look like when it is in the air. The video reveals various features such as the machine’s six sets of rotors, two propellant fans and retractable landing gear.

Volocopter’s design team has been working on Voloconnect for the past two years, coming up with a compact aircraft suitable for flights to urban areas and beyond. The Germany-based company says that it is already flying several scaled prototypes of VoloConnect and claims that it is making rapid progress towards testing full-scale prototypes with the aim of achieving certification in the next five years is.

The new VoloConnect vehicle is the company’s third such electric aircraft, adding VoloCity and VoloDrone to its fleet of planned offerings. The VoloCity is a small machine for two passengers. Raised skyward by 18 rotors, the VoloCity is designed for short trips of up to 18 miles (30 km). Volodyron looks similar to Volocity but is designed to fly cargo instead of people. All three aircraft are still in the development stage, although full-size prototypes of VoloCity and VoloDrone have already reached the skies.

“VolokneConnect embodies the next dimension of our mission to introduce affordable, efficient and sustainable flight mobility solutions to cities around the world,” Volocopter CEO Florian Reuters said in a release. Reuters said that after hearing customer feedback about its first two aircraft, designing Voloconnect to take more people on longer trips seems like the right move.

The Volocopter is one of a growing number of companies investing heavily in the development of these so-called “flying taxis”. Prominent names in the transportation industry such as Airbus, Toyota and Hyundai are supporting some projects, with many hoping that urban mobility using EVTOL vehicles will become a major market in the coming years.

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