Cape Coral man accused of kidnapping and sexual battery, faces two more

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A man arrested on December 4 on sexual battery charges has now been charged with two additional crimes while still in the Lee County Jail.

On Dec. 5, Douglas Edward Skoczek, 67, was arrested after what police call a brutal attack on a 30-year-old woman he met on a dating app. He was arrested for sexual battery and false imprisonment and bonded out of jail the next day.

On Dec. 13, a second victim, who is 17 years old, came forward.

After serving a search warrant at Skoczek’s home, he was arrested again and now faces seven counts of sexual battery of a minor and one count of sexual battery and kidnapping.

Cape Coral Police Major Crimes detectives continued to work cases against Skoczek after his December arrest.

These cases resulted in probable cause to charge him with two additional crimes; sexual battery on a victim over 18 years old, and sexual battery on a victim under 12 years old, which is a capital felony.

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The additional charges were served against Skoczek at the Lee County Jail where he has remained since December.

WINK News spoke to one of the victim’s moms who is devastated for the victims and is glad Skoczek is locked away.

Cape Coral Police Department Detective Thomas Kortright believes Skoczeck assaulted many women and girls. “We do suspect that there could be more victims.”

So far, the detective says there are four victims. Two adult women, a 17-year-old girl, and a child under 12.

Kortright got the case when a woman went to police in December claiming Skoczeck raped her. When the teenager came forward, she called WINK News and wanted to go on TV to encourage other victims to tell their stories to the police.

“He kept just suffocating me and strangling me and hitting me and spitting me he’s hold my eyes open and spit in them,” said the victim.

She said she met Skozceck on a dating app and things quickly turned violent and said he warned her not to talk to police. She did anyway.

She said, “if he’s that confident that I’m not going to say something to nobody how many girls has he let go and didn’t say anything?”

When detective Kortright and his team searched Skoczeck’s Cape Coral home, they found and seized a lot of evidence.

Evidence Kortright said helped him find another victim; the second adult woman.

Kortright said he’s not done. There may be more victims out there. His message to everyone watching?

“It’s a traumatic experience for each victim what they’re going through but it’s even worse to have to carry that for years without being able to tell what happened to you,” said Kortright. “We’re still investigating. Obviously, there’s a lot more work to be done there’s a lot of evidence that we’re going through so at this point in time we’re just kind of seeking out additional victims and then obviously going through the evidence that we have now.”

The Major Crimes Unit is looking for any additional information or to hear from any possible additional victims of Skoczek. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Thomas Kortright at (239) 574-3223.

CCPD reiterated that victim identification would be kept confidential under Marsy’s Law, and a victims’ rights advocate will be available.

There are ways to keep yourself safe when meeting someone in person that you connected with online – make sure you’re in a public place and drive separately.

Skoczek remains in jail without bond.

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